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Aircraft Carrier Prop

  • With the recent addition of 'Add-on Props', I was wondering if it would be possible to introduce an Aircraft Carrier prop that we can place anywhere on the map? Seeing as the current prop is awful, would anyone with an aircraft carrier model be able to convert it to a prop before its released as a vehicle, as i understand, the difficult part is making them float/drive.
    @FoxtrotDelta @SkylineGTRFreak @Elope @Shaezbreizh @nathanjamesddg151

  • @kingboughey well if you find some one that accept to give me a simple model (not a vehicle model and if possible not too much detailled) i'll add it, but else i don't have time for now since i've already a lot of stuff to work on for the next update ;S

  • @kingboughey I already started a thread about an aircraft carrier prop, and provided a link to a model. It has a full interior, but because it has so much detail, it has to be converted in 3DS Max, and at this point in time none of the modders I know know how to do it (though they want to learn) or have the time to convert it.

  • @kingboughey The problem of making the carrier as a prop is the LOD,which means it disappears when going far away,remember Canal Embraer's first version of the P120 Amazonas as a prop?
    (that wont be a comfortable thing to experience when u're low on fuel desperate looking for the carrier to land on bt it was no where to be found XD )
    Once OpenIV releases their Liberty City map we can get more info about the prop LODs
    (Well I'm just saying,I'm no expert on modelling XD just data and texturing)

  • @Elope the map editor loading distance is pretty nice if you set it at max, the object can be seen from really far/ about menyoo idk

  • @Elope If I remember correctly, with the P120, if you set the loading distance to 3000 on map editor it was the same as any other prop! Also while I've got your attention, any news on the B17??:grinning: :pray:

  • @Shaezbreizh @kingboughey Ah then that would be nice :D I cant really try seting the value up cuz my current computer is crap XD

    Ah about the B-17,I have to say I 'm sorry but I might have to abort the project...no one can help me to send the files to my end at the moment...I'll keep trying to get someone to help though. My uncle back there says he cant find the fxcking HDMI and the power cable...Guess I have to buy one on internet and ask someone trustable tto do this next time,I dont want my hard drive to be the next missing part ;/

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