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[SCRIPT] Not Quite Dead Yet - A fix for odd character changing while dying as custom character.

  • So, there's this problem with Skin Control, AddonPeds and any other character-changing mod, that when you die, your character changes to Michael and he just stands there like nothing happened. This looks odd and glitchy. So I come to you with a suggestion - make a mod or script that prevents this. And here is how it would work:

    Main options:

    • Instead of HP reaching 0, make it lock on 1 HP.
    • When your HP reaches 1 it puts your character on ragdoll, maintaining all the momentum from being shot, so it looks as realistic as it can, etc. You can still observe surroundings as if you were alive.
    • When your HP reaches 1 enemies lose interest in you, they stop shooting or beating - cuz lol, you're already dead. Kinda.
    • As you are in ragdoll state with 1 HP, a menu pops up - there you can choose where to respawn (nearest hospital by default).

    Additional options - not too necessary:

    • Include an option to respawn as another character that could be chosen from ped list or by typing peds name.
    • Include various respawn places such as hospitals that are further away, GTA V protagonists houses or maybe even GTA Online apartaments, possibly with support for Single Player Apartaments mod.
    • Not Quite Arrested - right now, when you get arrested while using AddonPeds, your character just changes to Michael and a message pops up "AddonPeds - changing player to default to avoid game crashes". I understand why author of AddonPeds did it that way, but maybe we could tweak this one as well.
      • Instead of triggering the arrest event, make a pop-up that says "Press X to get arrested or press Y to resist arrest"
      • Pressing Y would put you on 2* wanted level (with 2* wanted level cops start shooting at you and you can't get arrested anymore), while pressing X would trigger animation of kneeling with hands on the head.
      • A message "You're being arrested. You will be taken to nearest Police Station" would appear. Blackscreen, teleport to Police Station, and maybe -$500 for walking out.
      • Time of the day and weather could be changed to create illusion of time that has passed.

    I think thats enough of ideas, what do you guys think about it?

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