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Help me deciding one

  • So guys, I am working on this mod, and in the process of making new stadium, kindly let me know which one would look better, below is the link, which shows both with wall/ without wall stadium snaps.
    Please use vote buttons to submit your vote, thank you.

    @stillhere @Frazzlee @Rjvisser01 and tag more if you wish any.

    P.S. I know the images look cr*p, but because, I didn't do any editing, plus my pc isn't high specs.


  • Looks better without, probably functions better with. If you could find something not quite so solid (mesh fence etc...), you might get the best of both worlds.

  • @Frazzlee Thank you for your vote, and as far as FPS is concerned, I am taking care of it, especially of FPS shouldn't be getting compromise anywhere by any means, with this release, thus I am adding very limited entities, and reduced some other particle effects to use some normal ones over fancies. :)

    @LeeC2202 Thank you for your suggestion, I will definitely try to add the fence as in where it suits it. Thank you for the heads up though. :)

  • @rappo Hi, I accidently created this as a new topic, is there any way to include this entire thread/topic to the existing mod thread?

    Below's the link


    Also, meanwhile you are on the same page, kindly vote for any one.
    Thank you. :)

  • @ashishcw well since your idea remember an old event that I've made on samp (it was with truck and a dynamyc rock as ball xP) i'm gonna see if I can make you something for the wall ;)

  • @Shaezbreizh ah I see, well, that sound a-lot like to it then. :D Thanks for your input, appreciated.

  • @ashishcw No sorry I can't really do that, and in any case, having a new topic is the only way to put a poll in the first post

  • @rappo Lol, okay then, let it be, I thought, that was an option, in an existing thread/topic, we could ask for polling as well. Nevertheless, thanks for your input. (:

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