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GTAV mods not loading

  • I used to play gta 5 on a laptop and mods worked and everything but i got a new gaming pc (custom) and now mods don't work, yes i have installed them correctly and installed microsoft visuals yet nothing...

  • Well if the mods aren't loading you obviously did something wrong. Do you have scripthook v and scripthook dot net installed?

  • i did it right trust me i did it the same on my laptop just now and theyre working but not on my desktop


    Mods... So scripts etc. Then scripthook etc isn't loading properly. Is .net up to date?
    Can't really tell what platform you're on, guess W10?

  • @ReNNie I'm trying to run d3sking which is dinput8 and the d3sking file and drag drop to gta folder and i will not work on my desktop but will on my laptop

  • i have a similar problem. i've installed mods correctly but they dont open in the game. i'll try the nativetrainer that comes with the scripthook, but now, i'll try an older .net

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