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What do you guys think of GTA 5 Redux?

  • I know Im a little late for this topic but what do you think of GTA 5 Redux by Josh Romito? Some people might say its a stolen over saturated mod. In my honest opinion its ridiculous that he stole from a lot of mod creators. He did edit most the stuff from VisualV and CR in timecycs and visualsettings. But graphics arent everything, he also changed things like handling, police, ragdoll and much more. At the end of the day in terms of graphics, its all personal preference. So what do you guys think? I wanna hear want tome people's opinions are :)

  • I already don't like Josh Romito since his overhyped GTA 5 Redux was announced. He's a loser who sits behind a desk all day wasting his time to edit every popular mods and claims it as his own. I didn't even know what the hell GTA 5 Redux is when it was announced, it was suddenly appears on the news site. He was caught stealing the other's mods for 3 times, Redux is included, two of them were taken down and Redux is still intact to download.

    And, Redux is an unstable piece of shit that was 'made' by a mod thief. I don't know why are those people using Redux rather than the popular mods on GTA5-mods. Knowing those people, they're must be kids who were new to GTA.

    Let's get straight, GTA 5 Redux is an okay mod for me but it has so many cons rather than pros

    • Unrealistic weathers
    • Stolen works
    • Ads-infested website
    • Overhyped and Overrated
    • Even the 'creator' was caught stealing mods two times before Redux

    Okay, that's all from me.

  • @TheF3nt0n What, really? Woah fuck, just if only DMCA copyrights worked for stolen game mods, too...

  • @krashadam Well, no. They were taken down by Romito himself to clear his records for stealing, do you know Pinnacle of V and Miracle of V? That's the two of his mods of which he was caught for stealing before the overhyped Redux was born. He was accused of stealing codes from GTA Realism and after being proven for stealing. Mkeezay30, Realism's author, delays the release of his mod because Romito would steal Realism's code again if it's being released already.

    Romito was an user in GTA5-mods too, but since he got caught stealing mods, then he left the site and tracing other people's mods and combines it into one mod and became Redux.

  • @Frazzlee If you scratch built a model, it would be 100% your work and would be protected if you wanted it to be. Same with any script mods, whilst they may require GTAV to run, the code remains your copyright as it is an original creation.


    @LeeC2202 said in What do you guys think of GTA 5 Redux?:

    <>Same with any script mods, whilst they may require GTAV to run, the code remains your copyright as it is an original creation.

    If you re-use code, first ask. Don't even have the courtesy to ask? Then at least credit the original coders inside the files.
    Who remembers @icelaglace ;) Man, could he rant about this.

  • "Pinnacle of V", "Miracle of V"... Wow, Mr. Romito is actually quite creative...
    ...at finding pompous names for his mods xD

    @Rennie yes, Icelaglace, Fabricuz, @Razed...

  • @bur587 I think its a overhyped one of the lamest graphic mods out here. I mean for the graphic, but as the base for the othere realism stuff, its nice but should not be packed into one mod without any options to pick what we want.

  • @TheSigui I thought Miracle of V was from H2awesome?

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