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SAS units from COD

  • I see that there are many awesome military/soldier skins being uploaded constantly, however I do wish to see some SAS skins. Some creators did attempt to create a SAS unit, however it is just an reskin(textures) of the swat model. You can make a SAS unit from using the model freemode, however it would not have the equipment like a real SAS unit. This skin is already been uploaded on gta4mods, however would like to see this in gta 5!

    I am hoping someone could do this as many gamers would download this skin if an amazing modder and create this.


    Thanks and happy modding!

  • @MegaDeveloper I would also love to see the cod skins added sas and marines if I remember I think I asked @SkylineGTRFreak about them and he said he would like to convert them at some point when he as time not sure tho could of been someone else

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