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A mod that features a total replacement for all cars in the game.

  • I am sure that many of us are sick of seeing the same generic car brands out there. With Vapid/Ford, and Bravado/Dodge being annoying to the user's view, many of us would like to see real world products for the realism. If someone would compile a mod pack(OVI) to replace all of the original Gta V cars out there, because many of the original cars in the game are in x64e, it would be a great pack. It would also be great if this pack would not give support to pirates.


  • @Jerry9090
    I don't have any links to give you for any packs because I don't think there are any at the moment that would replace all of the vehicles in the game (there's only a few Add-On packs that add a couple of new vehicles from what I've seen) and considering that there are hundreds of vehicles in the game, I think it's going to be a while before a pack like that is released. Although, if you don't care about realism (meaning that you don't mind replacing a sedan with a McLaren P1 for example) then a pack like that would be pretty easy to make since there are a bunch of super/hyper/sports/etc. cars already released so it wouldn't be hard to replace each car in the game, but for a realistic pack, it's definitely going to be a while!

    Also, not to mention that to upload your vehicle pack to GTA5-Mods you would have to have each vehicles authors permission to include their vehicle(s) in the pack, and asking for permissions can take a long time if there's no way to directly contact the author, or it might be just impossible if the author doesn't have a direct way to reach them and doesn't read the comments on the mod page.

    But, one day I too would love to see a vehicle pack released that has every single vehicle in the game replaced by its real life counterpart!

  • Well I can only tell you that unless you have a very high spec,a total replacement would definitely lead to a Easy-crashing game experience due to the high polys and large sizes of the models we have here.what's more,this pack must have every car function like the old one,otherwise it may trigger even more problems not only in the mission but also in normal gameplay.
    So unless someone made a pack with lower poly models,I dont think a total replacement pack would exist

  • I actually speculated on the problem. I get a feeling that users will have to lower the population in the game. I also believe that the cars can survive with Gta V interior textures. I would say lower the population count and the poly count with about 20 thousand polygons per car. With the exceptions of the police cars and other rare cars(i.e:clown van), the cars would have about 17000 polygons on the exterior and about 3000 polygons in the interior. This will take alot of time to do considering the high amount of cars on this site that have over 50 thousand polygons.

    We can all remember the disaster that Gta IV caused. Besides the infamous "hey Niko. Wanna go bowling" calls, we have car mods that have a high poly count. There was this one mod on Gta4-mods that caused many game crashes and the annoying "background won't show" things. This was a total replacement/conversion mod for all of the cars in Liberty City.

    I get a feeling that this can be accomplished with the combination of the original car interiors and the real life counter part's parts(i.e: Bodyshell, lights, exterior extras, custom textures, wheels, windows, etc.) All it takes is to delete the new car's interior, move the original car's interior to fit dummies and what-nots, poly fill the empty spaces, and create LOD's.

  • @Jerry9090
    As a matter of fact, https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/best-handling-for-all-car replaces all cars with real ones (or at least comes pretty close.)

    From the pinned author's comment:
    "cogcabrio: bentley continental gt
    blista: honda civic ek9
    dilletante: toyota prius
    issis: mini cooper s
    prairie: chrysler crossfire
    asea: Lamborghini avantador spider
    whashington: bmw m3 e36
    asterope: mercedes c32 amg
    fugitive: audi R8 lms
    ingot: skoda octavia rs
    intruder: toyota camry
    premier: lexus gs350
    primo: mercedes sel600
    schafter: mercedes e63 amg
    stanier: bmw 750li
    stratum: audi rs4
    superd: rolls royce
    tailgater: mercedes s65 amg
    exemplar: maserati ghibli s
    f620: maserati quatroporte
    felon: mercedes cls63 amg
    jackal: audi rs7 UKX
    oracle xs: mitsubichi lancer evo x
    oracle: bmw m4 f82
    sentinel xs: bmw m2
    zion: bmw m4 widebody
    zion2: bmw m6 widebody
    buccanner: chevrolet chevy nova ss
    dominator: ford mustang 2012 5.0
    gauntlet: plymouth
    phoenix: pontiac fiero gt
    picador: vw saveiro cli
    ruiner: camaro irocz
    sabregt: chevrolet granluxo
    vigero: vw karmaan ghia
    manana: chevrolet impala s
    monroe: lamborghini miura
    stinger: ford capri rs
    stingergt: datsun 240z
    z-type: ford gt500 eleonor
    ninef: audi ttrs
    ninef2: honda s2000
    banshee: mazda rx7
    buffalo: dodge charger
    buffalo2: audi rs4 liberty walk
    carbonizzare: porsche boxster gts
    comet: nissan skyline gtr 32
    coquette: arrinera hussarya 33
    elegy: nissan skyline gtr35
    feltzer: bmw e30 m3
    fusilade: mclaren f1 gtr
    futo: porsche carrera gt
    penumbra: nissan 370z
    rapidgt: aston martin one
    schwarzer: bmw m6 e63
    sultan: bmw m5 e60
    surano: porsche carrera rs
    bullet: ford gt 2017
    adder: Hennessey Venom GT
    cheetah: lexus lfa
    entityxf: Ruf Ctr 3
    infernus: lamborghini avantador
    vacca: mc laren mp1
    voltic: lotus elise
    baller: range rover supercharged
    baller2: range rover vogue
    cavalcade: bmw x6m
    cavalcade2: cadilac escalade svt
    dubsta: mercedes gl63 amg
    fq2: infinity qx56
    granger: chevrolet suburban 2012
    gresley: audi q7 v12
    habanero: porsche cayenne turbo s
    landstalker: chevrolet suburban 2000
    mesa: toyota te7
    patriot: hummer h2
    radi: vw saveiro cross
    rocoto: lada xray
    seminole: jeep grand cherokee srt10
    serrano: mercedes ml63 amg
    bison: ford f150 raptor
    buffalo3: Ferrari 488gtb 2016
    dubsta3: land rover spectre
    taxi: ford crown victoria
    coquette3: porsche 959
    furoregt: acura integra type r
    hauler: scania R730
    cog55: mercedes benz A45 amg
    fbi unmarked: mercedes benz e63 amg unmarked
    police: ford crown victoria
    police2: ford mustang gt
    surge: chevrolet volt
    minivan: Dodge Grand Caravan SXT
    Mesa: 1978 Toyota J40
    khamelion: tesla model s
    felon gt: viper srt
    dune: bmw i8
    bf inject: audi s3
    technical: land rover defender 90
    schafter3: Mercedes slr amg
    schafter5: renault megane rs
    schafter6: mercedes cla250 4motion
    cognoscenti2: mercedes c63 Amg
    sultanrs: nissan silvia s15
    tampa: pontiac firebird 1970
    cog55: Mercedes benz A45
    osiris: Zonda Cinque Roadster
    cog552: bmw 535i 2012
    baller3: dacia duster
    baller4: range rover evoque
    coquette: Corvette c07
    glendale: FSO Warszawa M20
    felon: mercedes-benz cls63 amg
    schafter4: volkswagen polo sedan
    bobcatxl: Saleen s331
    bati: Kawazaki ninja h2r
    limo2: Rolls Royce Phantom Limousine
    bullet: ford gt 2017
    Coquette3: Porsche 959
    massacro2: Audi RS5
    warrener: Nissan skyline 2000 gtr
    windsor: ferrari 599gto
    oracle2: Bmw M4 f82
    Slamvan: Chevrolet C10
    washington: Bmw m3 e36
    felon2: Dodge viper SRT10

    Update v3.0 with fully car modded :)

    required: All dlc

    Everything is together in one file, for reasons of ease! thank you to @kizacudo for his help. Absolutely vehicles (land, sea, driving) are included in it!

    Good game !"

  • Handling is a good mod. But I, and many others, want a mod that includes files that replace all, if not most, of the cars' 3d models.

  • @Jerry9090 Damn you just got me reviewing the pain of having yellow cabs everywhere in the city in IV lol,at least that wont happen in V again.

  • @Jerry9090 Did you even read the comment, it replaces all the cars with their real versions, models and all. It's in the huge list i posted. The format was Fake car:real car. The handling isn't even in the mod, it's a separate, optional download. And next time you reply, hit the reply button so i know.

  • @Think_Tank Where are the car files? All I see are handling files. Yes, I did download the mod.

  • @Jerry9090 Oops, I made a mistake, the mod isn't on here, it's on google drive. Check this video

    the link is in the description, why he doesn't just post them here is beyond me.

  • @Think_Tank Most of these car don't have working cauges or the handling is shit + it isn't getting updated anymore

  • @Jerry9090 Hey Jerry ,
    I want to make a replace pack but I'll have to wait till people release more vehicles that are replacing vehicles so I can replace them ... I can try to start already but it will cost some time , but I have no school for 6 weeks so that's good . And do you also want emergency vehicles to be replaced ? If you do , I will replace them with the LA emergency services .

    Another question : Also planes and helicopters ?

    I hope it doesn't take to long to respond .

  • @Think_Tank I think this person has a good modpack but I am questioning it alot. The biggest problem with this mod pack is that the person did not ask for permission to pack these car mods. I notice that many cars, such as r1-5-qwertyuiop 's prius, is in the modpack. I honestly do not believe that all of the cars are released without the author's consent but some are. That is one problem.
    Another problem is that most of these cars have a high poly count. This will cause big problems(i.e:game crashes) to the game. This is not a bad car pack. I just question the attitude of the authors that view their mod released without their consent.

    @MrTuning2001 I have school too. I have to attend school every weekday this year due to the teacher strike.
    I believe that the LA emergency services vehicles would be a great replacement to emergency Gta V vehicles. If users want a different choice, they can download different cars from different sites to match their wants.
    Planes and helicopters should be included in the pack too.I would say to include parts of the cars on this site. Some people will question if there is a hidden virus or malware included in other sites.

  • @Jerry9090 well, I mean it was on google drive, so it's more like a personal collection he's sharing than a pack that needs permission. And yeah, the high poly thing is annoying.

  • @Think_Tank umm this only replaces the handling not the models...

  • @J9090 hello i created a mod for your request

  • @ImTheAzz can you send the link?

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