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Disable all vehicle damage? (also visually)


    Hi. :)

    Totally new to modding, so I hope this is the right place for my question.

    I was wondering, is there a mod to completely disable any and all vehicle damage?! I keep bumping into stuff, and getting my car scratched. I want all visible damage gone, not even see dust or scratches. No point in getting expensive cars if I keep denting them. :)


    P.S. This site looks awesome! First thing I'm gonna try and install is that new Franklin's garage!

  • Use a trainer like Menyoo or Simple Trainer and enable Vehicle God Mode.

  • @meimeiriver As @stillhere suggested above, either get a trainer, Presuming, you are on Windows System and not on consoles,

    Incase, if you do not wish to get a trainer and just a standalone functioning script below are few steps.

    There is a LUA plugin mod made for this, below is the link.


    Go to that link, and under the requirements section, author has already put the requirements plugin along with their links. Open those links, download the desired files.

    Now, before you proceed, I would highly recommend you to visit below link.


    and follow the steps accordingly,(it will create a mod folder, so your all orignal files will remain untouched, in-case if you need it anytime)

    Once done everything correctly, a folder named Scripts should be auto genrated in your GTAV Root directory, if not, then create one with name scripts and in that copy the LUA plugin folder, in it, copy the mod ending with an extension .lua.

    Thant's it you are done.

    P.S. Do not play modded games online, else you will be banned.

  • @meimeiriver Remember, all these mods are for single player offline use only. Make sure to use the mods folder, and if you like, keep two copies of Grand Theft Auto V, one for online, one for modding.
    Using a trainer is the best solution for your question. Some vehicles may act weird when god mode is enabled, like the rhino.

    You are in the world of GTA! You don't have to drive safely. ;)
    Just hijack a new one when your current one got beaten up.


    Thank you all kindly for your detailed responses! :)

    An yes, I only use single-player mode, of course.


    @stillhere said in Disable all vehicle damage? (also visually):

    Use a trainer like Menyoo or Simple Trainer and enable Vehicle God Mode.

    Hi. Sorry to bother you again, but I visted the pages of both packages. Neither of them seems to have a 'Vehicle God Mode' listed. Which one is it, please?

  • @meimeiriver In simple trainer its the first option in vehicle options :)


    @Zievs Thank you! :) That mod worked like a charm!

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