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Blip/Marker limit questions and answers

  • Hi Guys,

    I'm sure you all know about the issue with the limited number of blips that can be enabled on the map simultaneously.

    There is one mod on this site that says it fixes the issue NoMoreDisappearingBlips (NMDB). I have installed it but still have a problem once I use multiple blip heavy mods to test it. Single Player Apartments, SimpleFuel, and Open Interiors is what I am using to test this.

    The mod, NMDB changes the variable "RADAR_BLIP" to 1800 in gamexonfig.xml.

    I also found a reddit thread that discussed this issue. Someone mentioned that they used NMDB and it didn't fix their problem, so they changed the variable to 18000 and they think it fixed the issue. Someone else commented on there though saying that there is a hardcoded maximum, which you can't change even with that setting.

    I was wondering if anyone else here has experimented with this or has fixed this themselves.


    I only know of a limit for CBlipList which is hardcoded to be 1500.

  • Thanks for the response.

    Where is CBlipList used? Is that a variable in the game engine?
    Any ideas on how the number "1500" relates to number of blips?

    I tested changing the "RADAR_BLIP" value yesterday to many different values all the way up to 180000 and it didn't fix this issue. The blips that are part of the default game are all noticeably gone when I used lots of blip heavy mods.

    It didn't look to me like any of the mod added blips were missing though.

    Could it be that adding modded blips, when they reach a hard limit, start removing default game blips. BUT modded blips don't remove other modded blips?

    I'm looking at two possible mods to fix this problem.

    A menu based mod which allows you to toggle on and off blip sets. Beginning with sets of all the default game blips. It would be interesting to see if when you turn on more blips in the game whether existing ones start to disappear. Is there some sort of debug console in GTA V which will let me enter commands to add blips mid-game?

    Also, the other option, which i've already been working on, is to create an in-game map which includes all the default game blips onto the map itself. I've been using the hi-res cartography map with a free map icon resource.

    Any more thoughts guys?

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