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very new to modding, want to know some basic answers

  • hi i'd like to know if i need to do anything special to my steam copy of my game so that i won't get banned from online.

  • @friskies The quick answer is "don't use mods when you go online".

    I you want to play online and also be able to use mods, then I would recommend the "two-copy" method, where you have two GTAV folders, one modded and one clean but you have them named as "GTAV - Mods" and "GTAV - Clean", or something similar.

    Then if you want to play online, you rename the "GTAV - Clean" to "Grand Theft Auto V" and Steam will use that one. If you want to play with mods, you rename your "GTAV - Mods" to "Grand Theft Auto V" and Steam will use that one instead.

    Just be sure you know exactly which one is being used before you run the game. If you have ever made batch files before, you can create two shortcuts that will do all the checking and renaming for you.

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