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Replacing Player Skins Destroys Campaign

  • So I replaced the three main character skins with another skin (totally aesthetic, look-only change). But now whenever I come to a mission where I have to be dressed in certain clothes ("Friend Request" or the first heist) I am totally screwed. The game doesn't recognize when I change clothes, and it even crashed when I tried to change into a suit.

    How do I fix this mess?

  • This is a tricky one.
    The easiest route would obviously be to remove the skin mods when doing those certain missions.

  • @Frazzlee @MAFINS I no longer have the Franklin, Trevor, or Michael skins. I replaced them with the new one

  • @JessicaCruz Easiest way would be to rename your mods folder while you do that mission, that should put the skins back to normal. When you've completed the mission, rename the mods folder back to "mods" and you should be good to go.

    Anything that affects the main characters could affect the story missions though, which is why people tend to do that kind of change once they have finished story mode.

  • @LeeC2202 I don't use the mods folder (have no idea how it works). I just replaced it directly

  • @JessicaCruz Unless you made a backup, then you have a problem... you should always use a mods folder, for this very reason, it is a guaranteed backup of your files.

    If you don't have a backup, then you're going to have to verify your game files to get the originals back and then start over again with a mods folder.

  • @LeeC2202 If I got the original skins back, is there a trainer that lets you toggle the mods folder so I can easily toggle it right before a mission?

  • @JessicaCruz Not that I know of... you could always try Alt+Tabbing out of the game, rename the folder then Alt+Tab back in but I have no idea whether that would work. It has all the makings of a crash but then again, you might just be lucky and get away with it. It's one of those things where the only way to find out, is to try it...

    I don't have a mods folder active at the moment, because I don't like things conflicting with any mods I am writing, so I can't test it for you I'm afraid.

  • Does anyone have the files for the original main characters for OpenIV then?

  • @JessicaCruz You have to verify your game files, nobody will upload original game files as it is not allowed... it is copyright infringement to do so.

  • @JessicaCruz
    Actually many even minor mods may ruin story missions. I had several very unpleasant things happening because of mods you would never suspect could have any impact on mission progression.

    I strongly advice you to finish Story mode with most (rather all) mods uninstalled, or you can just remove script hook files for the time being, and only when you done and gonna enjoy free roam apply all mods you need, plus don't forget to backup saves just in case.

  • @Forrest-Gimp Darn, that really sucks. Fallout 4 mods don't impact story mode at all. These mods would have been great during the campaign! Adding them after is just pointless...what's the point of modding the game if you can't play through the meat and bones of the game? Got all my hopes up with these great mods only to have them die due to minor inconveniences...what a tease. Rockstar should have supporting modding more, especially since they knew how modded GTA IV was

  • @JessicaCruz
    Yeah, that's the problem. New Fallout and TES games have official modding support, thus it's much easier to both create and play with mods, but GTA 5 officially doesn't support modding, so you have no idea how much pain it is to create even simple script mod for this game compared to those mentioned above.

    On the other hand, replacing character models during campaign doesn't make much sense to me. You have pretty distinct characters which stories you follow, personally I was more than content with clothes customization and watching how events unfold for those three dudes was very interesting, but after finishing game, free roaming as custom created ped was fun.

    Anyway, GTA 5 still is the best sandbox on the market IMO. I have finished most FO and TES games, but I never had so big desire to keep playing it after finishing main story, my GTA 5 is pretty heavily modded right now, since I don't touch Story or Strangers and Freaks I have no issues and TONS of fun just launching it to play a couple of hours every now and then.

  • @Frazzlee Thanks

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