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my cars disappearing

  • hi please help me;

    when i leave car one place and i go to about 25metre forward and then im trying to get back for my car i seeing that my cars is disappeared : why happen thaT ?

    that problem i have story mode;

  • @toqchista That's the crappy GTA V mechanism, and that not only happens with you but almost with all the users.

    To fix this, use this mod.

    P.S. Kindly do not try to play online with any mods installed, rather, make 2 copies of your GTA V Directory, keep one with all original files, and try another with all the modding.

  • This is a really annoying problem but you also kinda have to smile at a game about stealing cars, where your own car can go missing. :D

  • @ashishcw

    it doesn't working perfect, if i use it mod then i can save only 2 vehicle; it is little;

    if anyone has that problem, watch this video: 64 vehicle free is impossibe ;)

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