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Looking for a good military (survival) mod

  • In the past few months i've been obsessed with creating Rockstar Machinima using the Rockstar Editor. I've released tons of short films and compilations since. Now, since i'm determined to use mods, I can't find a good mod / mod combination for the following:

    A military mod, not addons such as vehicles, weapons, or new maps, but the ability for the entire Fort Zancudo military to come after you in large amounts.

    I'm aiming for some sort of "survive from the military" type video. I already have Menyoo, which can help me with my own teammates and bodyguards, but individually placing peds using the Spooner is too much work. I'd like there to be a way where military would rapidly spawn, pursue you in all ways (crusaders, tanks, jets), or better yet, a simple "war" mod that would allow this kind of thing. I often feel "lonely" when making these types of videos in SP (i was also banned on MP 'til 2/5 so yeah).

    I would greatly appreciate if someone could help me choose out a few mods or a single mod that would go with my likings.

  • anyone?

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