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Original game files in some mods

  • So I have spotted some original game files in these mods: Xilandro (Rhancer) and Quentin-Tarantino and Frazzlee (CrystalReality). These are the only mods that I found original game files in. I have nothing against these people I just named because I have spoken with Xilandro and Quentin- Tarantino briefly and Frazzlee is one of my friends. I'm sure they are all great people, but I want to know why this rule is not being enforced.

    -bur587 :)

  • @bur587 Uh... evidence? It's the most important part of proving something.

  • @bur587 The rule says an archive consisting of only original game files. A few backups are fine.


    Yup no sweat, was actually just about to ask this to @Vlad aswell concerning the Hollywood signs,
    to pack into the release

    • original files as backup (but seriously, which modder doesn't make backups of backups when dealing with V?);
    • loose files for the informed user;
    • OIV automagical install;

    @rappo can't link directly to Vlad coz he uses _ in his nick?


    @_Vlad_, right you are! No worries, created them myself, importing now :)

  • @rappo Ah, ok. Thanks for letting me know :)

  • @ReNNie use the \ character before any special characters and you get to use them in the username. so @ \_ then vlad.

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