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Author and helping authors

  • I see some mods that were made by a team of people. The team of people usually only have one person from their team to post the mod. Would it be possible to add a "name tag" to the people who helped? Some people in the description do not know how to "read" the description. This can help those types of people. Maybe the ability to add a person to have the "author" tag next to the name in the comments and ratings?


    Something like that. Maybe "Co-author" or something like that.

  • Looking back on @aidenpatrickPGH's thread here, I'm not sure if this is what they were asking: https://forums.gta5-mods.com/topic/523/multiple-editors-per-post-thread. But when I said I've been working on it, your request here is what I was talking about. Giving multiple people access to edit a mod page and act as authors. I'll be working on it soon.

  • Yes. Something like that. It would be interesting to give people the ability to edit the mod page within a team. Thank you.

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