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[SCRIPT]WWII & Modern Dog Fight Script

  • While creating more & more WWII contents and making these cinematic screenshots,I just cant stop to wish for a system to create dog fights easily.I tried CamxxCore's Air Superiority Script,it works okay,but it's better used for modern dog fights and it doesnt support add-on jets
    So what I wish to have is a script maybe based on CamxxCore's script but more expanded:

    • Support for add-on jets & propellers
    • Different nation uses different kind of jets
      (eg:Russian uses Sukhoi series, US uses F14/15/16 China uses J-20/31)
    • Different groups of different era
      (eg:For US,WWII era with P-51,B-17 modern era with F14/15/16)
    • Different sections of planes
      (Cargo planes,fighters,bombers,Aerial refueling planes,)
      (This one is actually brought up by SkylineGTRFreak a year ago XD )
    • Ini file to put the available jets and set the information of the jets
      (I'd like to make a small list as an example of what I have in mind
      Model name Era Nationality Section
      (1 for WWII , 2 for Modren) (Can define as numbers as well)
      bf109 1 German Fighter
      b17 1 US Bomber
      f16 2 US Fighter
      su35 2 Russia Fighter

    We can even set presets and make a base Add-on pack for the script XD

  • Reply of SkylineGTRFreak on Air Superiority mod page on April 06, 2016
    ''@Elope we should create one single add-on package with the jets in combination with this script.
    At a later point maybe even add the E-3 Sentry and IL-76 as electronic support aircraft (flying close gives you fast vehicle regeneration or so.)
    A man can dream :D''

    I still love this idea XD


    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

    Okay I admit what I have in mind is totally War Thunder okay? :kissing:

  • @CamxxCore @LeeC2202 @DarthPungz @TheSigui
    @SkylineGTRFreak @FoxtrotDelta
    okay,it.seems I forgot to tag u guys XD

  • @Elope You got me with your screens, are you happy with what you have done to me ?! xD
    More seriously, these would be nice features to be included in the Jet Fighter Improvement :slight_smile: (even if not always jet)

  • Some air combat based missions would be cool


    Defend/Attack the bomber fleet

    Defend/Attack the aircraft carrier

    Air field raid (with surface to air weapons)

    Your screens make me want to dive onto unsuspecting B-17s in a Me-109 or FW-190 ;)

  • @SkylineGTRFreak what about a Horten 229 ? ;)
    @Elope i'd like to have my voice for the allied/ennemy planes radios :) about this, i've got a few easter egg ideas hehe

  • @SkylineGTRFreak can I take that as a plan to conver these planes? XD
    But seriously we need to get into the WWII Era...
    *Turns back started playing War Thunder,World of Warships and kancolle
    (Strangely I dont have a feeling for the WWII tanks :/ just warships and propellers)

  • Still my favourite screenshot so far XD
    alt text

  • @Elope yea, I still have an F-4U Corsair finished to 70% for example- FW-190, P-38, P-40, He-219, B-29, A6M2 ... On my list :)

  • @Elope cool!! :) I was already thinking of redoing air superiority from scratch. I have strayed away from making updates mostly because the code is a bit.. convoluted. I had less programming knowledge at the time and it shows when going through the source code. My plan was to redo it in a more modular fashion which would make the whole thing overall easier to manage and update. Maybe this could be an opportunity to collaborate. :p

  • @CamxxCore WooooHoooo!Yay!Then I‘ll just wait and look forward to it XD?
    It's just so great that I cant stop celebrating lol
    @SkylineGTRFreak Damn man,all the famous WWII fighters XD mind adding P-61 to the list?And A6M2...possible seaplane version pls QWQ ?and do u mind rework the PBY Catalina...?current version is still unbearable after fixing P

  • @Elope I have a pretty detailed model of the Catalina, so yea.... Can also do that ;)

  • @CamxxCore Hey :D just asking if you're still going to remake the air superiority script or somehow implent the features in it ? if so,can we move this thread to the WIP section ?

  • @Elope Hey (: Yes, I am working on it! Progress still pretty slow for now though. The project is up on github if you want to follow progress- https://github.com/CamxxCore/AirSuperiority2

  • @CamxxCore Super!
    @administrators so pls help move this thread to WIP Section :D thank you

  • @Elope If you have any other ideas about how you want this mod to come to fruition, please let it be known (: I'm still trying to brainstorm what is the best way to do it. Whether the team system from the old mod is worth keeping, or whether I should be rethinking the game-mode altogether. I've already taken one of your idea of having a more traditional air combat scenario without all the bells and whistles (flares, engine repair etc.). It will be a mode separate from the main one, called "hardcore" or something. This should make it easier to create battles with a more historical context. Also, i'm still not sure if add on vehicles should be included in the mod. If they were to be included, I need to figure out which ones would make the most sense to have. Maybe you have thought this out already (:

  • @CamxxCore First of all,thank you for taking my advises ;D the version without flares & stuff sounds good,especially for wwii scenarios. So there will be different modes?

    Then about the add-on vehicles,I dunno if u have read the whole bunch of things I've written up there...(I wrote too many things XD )so my idea is to set up an ini to add add-on vehicles that can take part in the event,in the ini there will be the model name,the nation of the aircraft,the era of the aircraft (I think these would be enogh for now)I dunno if that is okay?
    then in the menu you can choose your team and enemy team's nation and era,which should be called a custom game,and of course there should be a quick game setup,just choose the era and generate random countries to fight against each other like the old script :D

  • @CamxxCore I'm actually coming up with tons of ideas recently....so with the script maybe we can have some presets?so we dont need to set up all the details everytime?
    here's some ideas of presets...Also you can just take them as ideas to play around XD
    1.USA vs Soviet (modern) What if the cold war went wrong?WWIII huh?
    2.USA vs China (modern) So this is what happens if u keep trying to wake the sleeping dragon
    3.USA vs Imperal Japan (WWII) Revenge for what they did in pearl harbor !
    4.Modern USA vs Imperal Japan Revenge! with your technology from the future
    5.British vs German (WWII) We'll never surrunder!
    6.PRC vs ROC (modern) Time to end this joke (dont do this I'm gonna get killed by people in Taiwan and china becauuse of this XD)

  • @CamxxCore I'm thinking some of the other ideas of mine should be made into another mode or even another script...
    These things below can be made as small missions during a game of capturing air superioty like tackel the enemy bomber squads (define which add-on vehicles are used for this category in the ini),destroy enemy tankers/AEW/Cargo plane(C130/AN255/E-4)

  • @CamxxCore And just asking,since you made the carpet bombing script,have you considered making the other bombing way in that same mission as a script?which you throw one bomb and tthe camera follows that bomb,that one is more appropriate for the ju-87 by skylline,and with two methods to bomb the city would add extra fun XD
    And as an extension of this idea...another idea just came up,u see the type1943 destroyer and battleship uploaded recently?what about a script which you compete with the computer and see who bomb the most battleships?with 2 ways to bomb ,this takes some strategy to win.Ah and kamikaze can actually count as score XD

  • @Elope Ohh yes the cold war :D

  • @CamxxCore Damn I'm dumping all my ideas out....(Actually there's more that I want to talk but I must sleep now.got fxcking school to go to tomorrow XD)

  • You should add some historical missions, for example involving you as the pilot of Empire of Japan attacking the Pearl Harbor, or become elite pilot that involved in Doolitle Mission, including bombing many of factories at the Tokyo, Japan. Lol my expectation were too high :P

  • @CamxxCore So this is the other bombing method I'm talking about in the mission,starts from 4:07

    And also in he mission the carpet bombs come out like this '———' then droppped like this '丨丨丨' and a little wing opens,can that be achived?and the freqency of the bomb dropping out should be a bit lower ? and it seems from the original function the bombs spawned inside the plane instead of spawning suddenly in front of he camera...well it's off topic XD,should be put in a carpet bombing thread
    seen in this video and starts from 1:40

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