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Are mods being re-uploaded?

  • What is this? I just found this site. It has many users' files from gta5-mods on there. The ratings and comments are different.


  • Yea but I do not remember my mod being uploaded there. I'm fine with the mod being reuploaded but I just want to know the whole story.

  • I do not mind at all. I do not think that other people would not mind... Is the site partnered with this site? It would explain all of the reuploaded mods.

  • @J9090 GTAInside isn't partnered with our site, it's just another website that has GTA mods available for download. This user simply comes to 5mods and reuploads the mods onto GTAInside: https://www.gta5-mods.com/users/EnRo

  • @rappo Oh. I think it is great that mods are more available for people on other sites. He did give correct credits to the users who uploads the mods.

  • I don't really see the point if it's all the same mods, but that's okay, not much I can do about it :slight_smile:

  • yeah they reupload mods and i was worried when i first saw some of my work on there but i never had a problem with receiving credit (as my mods were uploaded under my name, despite me having nothing to do with it). after emailing the guy alex he's just trying to get the mods out there to a wider audience on his site which was used for awhile back in the day ...maybe not so much anymore but hey what can ya do.. email him if you have any issues, he's not trying to steal anything

  • @TobsiCred Honestly, if he reupload mods, he would be introducing the mods to his group of audience. That not really a huge problem considering that he gave proper credit. It is all fine with me. I think you should let this guy reupload mods. We are all just trying to do our business here... He did give proper credits. He did not claim to have made the mods. So it seems to be all "fair use"... I guess... I'm not against the idea. I actually like the idea as long as he did not claim to make the mods.

  • @TobsiCred Banned users can still download files... no point really! He usually gives proper credits and follows authors' wishes, sorry if you had a problem in the past. I've visited GTAInside for many years (back when it was gta3.net!) and the administrator Alex seems like a good guy and I know he'll respond quickly if you message him with any issues.

  • @TobsiCred Hah yeah, well that's why I said "usually" :laughing:

  • My mods are being uploaded to 7 different websites, that i know of. i don't mind as long as they mention the original Author\Modders Name.
    if they try anything funny. i get the administrator to remove the mods. easy.

  • Well, my mods are also appearing on many other sites, but as long as we are some imaginary, cartoon like characters, we don't have any real copyright wrights. So, what is going to happen when ''MickeyMouse'' decide to complain about his wrights to ''Dumbo''.

  • @kizacudo as long as they mention , original authors name. they can stay. otherwise you guys can easily make them, taken down.

  • I know, but the end point is, who is kizacudo, who is FoxtrotDelta? We are just imaginary characters, hiding behind our avatars. Credits to kizacudo really mean nothing to me because only few of my friends know my true identity. Maybe we have some wrights in our GTA bubble, but in real world they are almost meaningless. I respect the laws in our bubble but outside of it you can't do anything.

  • @kizacudo my Avatar is me :) but yea, you have a point. may be you are right. i don't know. i have fun creating Mods, and people seem to like them. thats the only thing that matters.

  • @rappo I don't reuploaded mods, only when GTAINSIDE make new mods online - I give link to my movie :D I'm fast because earlier I dowloaded mods from gta5-mods ;) I've never reupload mods. Only TobsiCred mods is reuploaded because only TobsiCred write to me, but I don't do this ! : ) You must write to ALEX from GTAInside and discuss this :) Maybe he do it... I don't know.

  • @rappo GTAINSIDE isn't my webside, so Why do you think that I? For 5-10 more views? When I have made movie from gta5-dowload I only pasting link to gtainside. I don't must rescue GTAinside because I am not the owner this webside... Maybe administrators from gtainside can do it for clicks and more ads... and because his website falling.


    @EnRo you did quit nice job with filming every released mod but wht i don't like is to make comercial use like hiding donwload link in bit.ly clics that no good for sharing others work

  • @Faysal I don't have money from bit.ly. It's look better because it's shorter, but if You think that.... I can change this :D


    @EnRo would be appreciated and keep up the good videos

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