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[SCRIPT] Change Animation Style Mod

  • I frequently used many skins mod, especially female skins mod, like Momiji skins mod, and many other skins mod that replaces existing peds in the game, it has existing peds animation (which I don't like it), :man_dancing_tone1: what I want is you could change their animation universally (their walking style, sprint style, running with armed style, strafe style, idle style, and so on). :bath: There's some trainer that could replace only some animation style, but not "all of the animations".

    just a screenshot

    I give one example: I'm using a female skin that replaces Tourist Peds, along with its animation style, then I want to change the animation style to MP Female style.

    Could it be realized? I hope you understand, my english doesn't really feel good.!

  • @Maryo_Nicle7 Do you mean custom animations or just replace them with existing ones?

  • @Kwebbl just replace it with existing ones.

    But it doesn't override any files, just applied the existing animation by using the scripts function

  • @Maryo_Nicle7 I see, I didn't read it carefully. Hmm I don't know. I know that you can't make custom animations but about that I don't know.

  • @Kwebbl I'm sure the veterans of scripter could make it, for example Jedijosh920, he's the master of GTA V Scripting, making so many innovations through the modding community which I wanna to give many thumbs up for his great contributions.

  • @Maryo_Nicle7 The problem is Josh usually doesn't accept requests. It would be better to ask help from LeeC2202 or NotCrunchyTaco.

  • @Akila_Reigns alright then, I'll try to ask them for a help and invite them.

    edit: looks like the LeeC2202 is currently busy working on his project, I only could wish the best luck for his project.

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