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Mod organizer/installer

  • Is there any particular program that is used for installing mods similar to what nexus has or is everything just done manually?

  • Hey mostly manually well that what i do i do it all my self not helpful sometimes when i make mistakes so no i guess i mean i noticed that no one has really replied to you so i just went ahead and said what i do which is manual so there you go maybe someone else will respond that is a little more help full. Hey but i do know of a mod that will move you mod files and folders to a different location so you can go play online and not have to go and move them your self. Hope i,ve been a little helpful.

  • @Simulacrumgamer Thanks for the info, I figured there wouldn't be a mod organizer since some mods need a more complex installation method.

  • Well, there is a mod manager, but it takes some time to learn and you probably want to backup your files anyway, but here it is https://www.gta5-mods.com/tools/gtav-mod-manager

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