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Enhanced native UI and mods

  • Hey guys !!!!

    So I downloaded the simple zombie mod with the reg native ui and the mod works great however the menu for the native ui does not. I have tried every "F" key to ensure I was clicking the right one lol and can't seem to find the answer to my confusion anywhere !

    I also took the native ui out and replaced it with the enhanced trainer and it worked when hitting F4 but then the Zombies menu wouldn't come up ?

    Please help me ! 🙃 Thanks !

  • @HeartsnLollipops NativeUI and Enhanced Native Trainer are two very different items and go in different places in your GTAV folders.

    NativeUI is basically a collection of functions modders can use, to add Menus to their mod. The nativeui.dll goes in your scripts folder.

    Enhanced Native Trainer, is... as the named suggests; a trainer, to provide other functions for the player, god modes, vehicle spawning etc... EnhancedNativeTrainer.asi goes in your main GTAV folder.

    Are those location where you installed these items?

  • Hello and thank you for you're response.

    I would imagine that was my error I did indeed put the items in the correct Folders BUT I removed native ui when I added the enhanced trainer 🤣 I was watching an install video that had advised me to remove native when putting the enhanced trainer I will try the correct way now and advise with the results !

    Thanks again 😁

  • @HeartsnLollipops No problem... keep us updated and if you have any more questions, ask away. :slight_smile:

  • @LeeC2202 Definitely will :) Just hopped on now and going to try it out ! *Fingers crossed

  • @LeeC2202

    Yeap, this worked!

    Yay!!!! Too happy right now :) Thank you so much !!!!!!! woot woot dance time

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