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Modded cars not completed.

  • Can i suggest some of these awesome car mods be redone by authors? I don't have a single one in my game because the default cars are more fully done. The work in some of these modded cars is great, but i don't understand why no one finishes them "flaws". I have tried nearly every modded car. Please consider fixing the bugs in them! If just a little more work on these classics "WOW". Thanks.

  • LMAO...this thread has to be a joke

  • @rastakilla excuse me? This is a Pc gaming site, why don't save your console flab flab attitude for your buddies! This is your real life standing up against people on the net and acting like a idiot cause your not face to face with them. Get lost man!

  • @Psycatron If you have a complaint or a suggestion, please use the comment function in the main site.

  • @Akila_Reigns This mod discussion isn't okay? Do you moderators and admins allow these novice console gamer personality's to get in the way of a Pc gaming hobbyist. If this guy can't take my post serious, why is he acting like he knows better? I don't think he knows better, or is a skill user. When users like him is whats ruining Pc gaming. I am sick of these young Pc users acting like they have more skill then some of us great hobbyist. Another thing is that if hes not being useful on this post then why is he commenting?

  • @Psycatron rastakilla didn't violate any rules, and he also didn't post anything about consoles.
    And like I said before, if you have a suggestion or a complaint regarding a particular vehicle mod, use the comment function.
    Or if there's a WIP thread, use it.

  • @Psycatron I posted a thread last night about the impact flawed/bugged models can have on script mods. https://forums.gta5-mods.com/topic/6180/model-dummies-a-request-to-vehicle-modders-on-behalf-of-script-modders

    The unfortunate nature of the modding community (and the modders) in many cases is "You're getting this for free, be grateful", when in reality, it should be "You've given me a platform to demonstrate my skills, I am grateful for that". As such, there are often members of that community that believe that all criticism should be quashed and only good things said... you only have to read the backlash that results when someone voices a negative opinion about something in a mod.

    There are some very good models on here, there are some exceptional models on here but there are also some unfinished models that need attention but they simply won't get it. I can't see that changing so you have to cherry pick from what's out there, learn who are the modders you can trust and reject the rest. And in all reality, you have to do that with the people who post comments as well...

    Beware of tarnishing console gamers with the bad-attitude brush as well. I started gaming at 12 with a Binatone Pong in 1976 and have been a professional game/application developer for over 30 years.. so I don't particularly like this "console gamer = novice" mentality. There are as many kids on a PC that demonstrate an attitude equally as bad, if not worse. Heck, there are adults across the internet on a PC that do far more damage to PC gaming than console owners ever could.

    Owning a PC makes you no better or worse than someone with a console when it comes to gaming.

  • @Akila_Reigns I have a issue with all the modded cars not being finished if they go to great lengths to make a car why leave a few small bugs in them? Its his attitude do you understand or not? Is this post okay or not?

  • @Psycatron Has his comment been edited since you replied to it? Because no matter how hard I look, I see nothing in there that gives any indication he has a console of any sort. :confused:

  • @LeeC2202 If people can't be serious then why post on a comment. I grew up on console games also, but the console comment i made was an example of how immature a gamer can be. I understand everything in these facts also do you?

  • @LeeC2202 He has a console brain. As hard as you look you can't see. Well i can see just fine.

  • @Psycatron If you want to be taken seriously, then maybe not making comments about console gamers when consoles haven't been mentioned might be a good start.

    I understood your original comment perfectly, what I don't understand, is your apparent sense of superiority as a "PC owning great hobbyist" over someone who disliked what you said but made the statement in an unfortunate and needlessly provocative way.

    He commented on the thread, you just seem intent on insulting him directly... I am personally going to recommend that this thread be closed as this site isn't for making personal attacks on someone, who merely doesn't like what you posted.

  • @rappo I think this needs to be shut down before it gets out of hand. This is getting too personal far too quickly for a modding discussion thread.

  • @LeeC2202 I understand too that modding is as is, but real true game modders are meant to make something better not worse.

  • @LeeC2202 Yeah a good example of how some people can ruin things for others.

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