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A real PURGE mod.

  • When i search the interwebs to find a GTA V PURGE mod, it always gives me the PED RIOT mod. I don't want a mod where everybody gets a rocket launcher and shoots. I want a mod, that would turn infinite night time on (until turned off), no people or cars on streets except for purgers and a really small amount of people who didn't make it home on time and homeless people. The purgers would spawn in groups of random numbers (from lonely purgers walking on foot, maybe driving a car, to crazy looking groups of 14 people in armored cars or buses. Wouldn't that be fun? Just walking through the streets, not seeing anyone for 5 minutes and suddenly you see a group of 8 guys on motorcycles driving towards you shooting. That would be such a good mod if done right. If anyone likes this idea please share it into the modding community. I can't code for sh*t. Thank you :-)

  • Doesn't seem too hard for the modders that have worked on the various zombie mods. Maybe jedijosh920 would do it? :grin:

  • @stillhere Yeah, i love jedijosh, he makes the best mods and shares the same love to Euphoria engine as me :D

  • I've thought about doing this before. I just can't find the time... :o:

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