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  • today i show you my simson mod i made few months ago. still beta, unreleased till v1.0.
    i had to add the simson s51 motor textures and delete the needle from the original dial, also replace the badges (deleted for screenshots).

    the simson s50 is a east german 50ccm moped. since a few years ago in germany you arent allowed to drive faster than 50km/h 31mph with a scooter/moped driver license and all actual scooters are limited to 45km/h. thats pretty lame. :thumbsdown:
    but with a simson you are allowed to drive up to 60km/h 37mph. the east german models are the only ones which have a special permit.

    so they are in great demand in my region. normally my real-life simson and my schwalbe kr2 drive up to 72-75km/h because this models are not limited by a throttle only wind and weight of the driver slows this machines down. so down the hill they reaches up to 100km/h without tuning; legal.

    my modded simson can drive ingame up to 100km/h 62mph because my real-life simson can also. got a LT60Reso :yum:

    and all people who know a regular simson could think my mod isnt yet a simson but i attach a pic of my real-life simson to show you the similarity. for all interested: its a simson s51/b with detached indicators (legal) and detached mudguard (not really legal :wink: ), masked taillight (forbidden) on the side, a selfmade "boobs-light" (german nickname for a s50 headlight, i swear, you even can find it on ebay by tipping "tittenlampe" in searchfield :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ) and offroad shockabsorbers, s50 fuel tank (rare)

    alt text


  • Simson S50/51 released now, ultimate stunt handling, you can do endless wheelies and long stoppies, even loopings with a bit speed or just use it to cruise and as Cafe Racer, too.


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