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Is there any lightweight car pack for the game?

  • Hello. I'd like to have real cars in my game instead of the default ones. I've tried installing several car packs which I found on the internet, but they all share the same flaw. Apparently, the cars are composed of too many polygons, which causes some severe fps drops on my laptop.

    I can run vanilla GTA 5 on high settings just fine, but those high poly models are too much for my laptop. So, I'd like to ask you guys if there's any car pack, which replaces the default models without affecting the game's performance.

    My specs: Lenovo y510p, Win 10, i7-4700MQ, single GT755m, 8 GB RAM.

    PS. I've also tried the Re-sized mod, but it didn't do much good. The game still stutters and occasionally crashes when a car pack is installed.

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