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[VEHICLE][WIP] Infernus Classic (Vice City)

  • For this car I got my inspiration from Thundersmackers' mods to make a gta 5 version of the classic infernus as in gta Vice City. I started from a Lamborghini Countach and worked from there with parts of gta cars to get where i want.

    It is my first mod and so i am not yet very fluent in using Zmodeler3 and progress is a bit slow.
    For now, the front bumper is mostly done, only the part where it attaches to the front fender is not done and i still need to retexture it. Interior is also being worked on but i expect it to be finished next week.

    So front bumper: 90% finished
    interior: 60% finished
    wheels: done
    back: 95% finished (exhaust needs to be a little bit higher)
    lights: done
    Badges: haven't started yet
    Spoiler: will probably make it as an extra
    Also still not sure what to do with the side vents. Leave them? Or maybe change them?

    Eager to hear your opinions and feedback!

  • That looks awesome man! Can't wait! Gonna marked this thread on Watching

  • Any news update?

  • @NovaRuk The interior is taking a bit longer than I hoped but i don't have alot of time on my hands right now because of school but i'm free from the 6th of february so i'll try to finish it that week so i can test it in game and upload it here

  • 0_1486734737735_16667963_1408396829205785_1503535345_o.png

    Okay, the bumper is now done, if i have time i'll edit it a bit further but for now that's it. The interior is almost done, only the seatbelts and a few minor details to be made. As you can see i also made a spoiler that as an extra so there is a version with a spoiler and one without. I still need to do the badges but i'm going to test it in game this week and post a few screenshots here.

  • @Mad_Brothers_3 That looks very nice. Everybody has some trouble starting but for what I see, I think it will look really good :) You should really do a few other VC cars and make them to "V standards".

  • Okay guys, so apperantly rockstar is making an infernus classic itself in an upcoming DLC. We still don't know anything about it and if it is the infernus from vice city or San Andreas. Of maybe it's based in the Lamborghini diablo and not the Countach.
    Doesnt really matter but i'm still going toch finish the one although progress is very slow right now due too Lack of time with school.

  • @Mad_Brothers_3 I think it's from GTA III.

  • Check this out!

  • @NovaRuk yes u saw it, very nice but i'm glad that it is more like a diablo and not a Countach :) I'm still going to finish mine because i love the infernus from vice city

  • Great work!

  • Looking very nice! Been waiting for a decent Countach, can't wait to see it in-game.

  • Okay guys, sorry for the long offline-time but i had some stuff to do in my personal life. E.g. my laptop broke so i had to buy a new one but luckily i still have al my files on a hard drive. Also because off all the work with school i haven't really had much time to work on this project and i also didn't renew my zmodeler license for a few months because it would be money thrown away. However the project is still very much alive and i will continue working on it after my finals. In the meantime i'll do some small projects to test a few things and ideas out.
    Sorry for the inconvenience .

  • @Hem keep you're eyes open over the next couple weeks..

  • When Will I Get This Infernus To Play ?

  • Please Give Us A Official Date

  • @Prem-Rakshe Never, lol

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