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  • ive already played with mods before, but i cant play with any.

    if there is another info about anything, just tell me where i get them.

    i made a backup folder of gta v in my external HD so i could play online in the original folder, i dont know if this is a problem.

    I got the lastest scripthooks, dot net, asi loader, those files from openIV(that i dont even use)

    I tried a lot of mods, like disarm, bulletimpact, prisonmod, a trainer(the native trainer too), and i really want to play that simple zombie mod. i tried with all together, with only two, only zmod, only with another trainer and with the native one. i tried to take an older version from scripthook but nothing worked. and still dont.

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  • @FloydNov So what we need to do, is work out what does work first. As scripts and trainers are two separate things, let's get the easy one out of the way.

    Do asi mods work? That's basically openiv.asi (addon cars/replace cars/texture mods etc...) or any trainer.

    I know scripthookvdotnet is an asi but ignore that for a while.

    Edit: Sorry, I've just re-read your post and noticed the bit about the external HD. You can't have GTAV in two separate locations (i.e. Hard drives) and them both work. The registry can only point at one location, so if you have two copies, they must both be on the same drive... if you want to be able to play both of them that is.

  • oh, i get it. so i'll have to move it to the original location(that c: thing). i saw something like a guy that got his two folders at the same folder than he just changed the name and thats it. so, ill try it now. if it works, i came here again.

  • i think its easyer if there is a way to put the mods in the original folder and change something to play online. i really dont wanna get a ban.

    do you know something that could help?

    : Just saw another topic that you explain this.

  • @FloydNov Having two copies is the safest way. They must be in the same drive, like LeeC2202 said. Name the modded copy to "Grand Theft Auto V modded" and the other untouched copy to "Grand Theft Auto V online". Rename either modded or online copy back to "Grand Theft Auto V" depending what you play, when you play SP with mods or online.

  • yeaah, i'm doing this now. soon we'll know :)

  • Lee, just thank you, man. sorry for that other topic.. im new here.
    working. at least the nativetrainer.

  • @FloydNov No problem... glad to see things are working.

    This is why I wanted you to create your own thread, you were able to post more details about your problem and ended up with a quick and simple solution. I know it might feel like we are being a pain by asking you to do this but as you can see, it does prove to be worth it in the end... most of the time. :slight_smile:

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