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  • i dont have a patchday2ng file just patchday 1 3 and 5. i have now idea how to mod gta honestly and i just want some car mods. how in the hell dose any of this work im so confused

  • @Shlushii You must have 14 patchday files. From 1-13, with a patchday2bng. Is your game updated to the latest version? Are you using a Steam or Retail copy?
    alt text

  • i'm steam copy and up to date. i cant find any clean list of files like that. i'm not to experienced with rooting around game files so i'm probably doing something completely wrong.

  • actually i just used the handy search tool lol. sometimes my over-complicated ways get in my own way. setting up a brand new network from scratch for your office? i'm your guy. locating a friggen search tool that right in front of my face? count me out

  • im have a question and not is for vehicles.rpf, really i have the
    Conscience of the problem and i don't have the files to repair it... ERR_FIL_PACK_3 i modify patchday1ng, patchday2bng, patchday2ng, patchday3ng. Nothing more...

  • For a Old VERSION! And i don't have the backup beacuse im idiot XDDDD!!!
    Need Heeeeeeeeeelp! :v:

  • @ErniPirated Firstly, you won't get any help for getting backup files on these forums. The simple answer is to verify your game files and that will replace any files that are missing.

    If you are on Steam, you can do it through the Steam client. If you have a retail version of the game, then you have to modify the game shortcut to do it.

    But nobody will post any original files because it is against the forum rules to do so.

    Seondly, asking questions on the end of someone else's thread is likely to get ignored. If you have a problem, start a new question.

  • Sorry moderator im only have one more question...
    Why the official players of Grand Theft Auto V Can't pass the files? or the files are corrupted? im new :'v

  • @ErniPirated Because the original files are copyrighted and passing those files would basically be piracy, which would put the site at risk from Rockstar.

    Piracy is not welcome or supported on this site, so no original files are allowed to be linked on the forums.

    If you have a legal version of the game, getting the files back is a simple process.

  • Sorry Administrator don't worry i not paste copyrighted's files, thanks for the info.
    im not a member of Steam and RockStarGames! im pirated :P bye

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