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Add a rules list the first time someone goes on the forums

  • Make a pop up of the rules so someone can see them the first time they go on the forums. Maybe make it 10-20 seconds long until you can close it because Im getting tired of all the people asking if they can mod GTA 5 on console.

  • @bur587 I think you could make them see it for an hour and it still wouldn't stop them. Some people are just determined to ask the question and nothing will stop them from doing so. They've already gone through the process of creating an account, even after they had access to the site to read the forum rules... most of it will be for cheating money and very little will put a cheater off getting their answer.

  • @bur587 New users receive a welcome notification full of all the rules and stuff.
    Yet they still post their questions.
    You can flag such posts for moderation, and they'll be locked.

  • @TobsiCred The only thing I would add from a "perspective" point of view, is how many posts do you see asking about console modding, compared to how many same-old, same-old posts you see that say "None of my mods are loading" or "No modz work, plz help"?

    I think as much as there are things to alert users to what they shouldn't post, there are also literally hundreds of threads that answer those questions but instead of searching and using the information available, they start a new thread.

    A "Can these mods work on console?" question can be dealt with in a few seconds but I find I am spending literally hours on the same questions over and over... yesterday I spent 6 hours on and off with one question. And as a modder, that's far more frustrating than something that simply needs "This isn't allowed, read the FAQ" type responses. I end up with a browser window open constantly, waiting for people to post back on help threads... I'm quite convinced that if I look too closely at my monitor, there's going to be a 5Mods logo burned into it. :D

    I do think @TobsiCred is onto something with the way they should be handled, lock and delete. Those people won't be back, they only created an account for one question, if it gets answered, they are happy... if it doesn't they know this site isn't for them and they go away and probably never return.

    Good lord... my moaning head seems to be on too tight tonight. :( I'll shut up now. :blush:

  • @TobsiCred I try my best... don't always do a good job of it but I can't help but do it. I've moved my browser onto monitor 1 tonight... it hides my nice wallpapers on monitor 2 and I spent ages collecting those pictures. :D

  • @bur587 I've already done this - new users are asked to read the FAQ when they come to the forums for the first time:

    Welcome to the GTA5-Mods.com Community Forums! Please be sure to read the FAQ before posting, and note that this discussion board is for singleplayer PC mods only.

    Moral of the story: people don't read things

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