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Add a HTML Codes bar for gta5-mods.com too

  • Hello,

    I am stucking always at coding my mod description. This forum got some of these useful code bars so we can mark a text part and add a HTML code to it.

    Could you please @rappo make this also for the main site?

    And btw. i really miss a "Spoiler" button. So we need spoilers in the same way like other sites support
    Something like
    alt text




    +1 The forum box for formatting text be available in the download description would be nice

    Strangest thing is on the download section a BBcode like [b] sort of works.
    I can see the marked text bold in the phone browser yet not when viewed in Firefox on the desktop?

  • Yea! For me i can see the BBcode on desktop. But we need a simple easy bar like here

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