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  • Hey !!!

    You love playing with modded cars in GTA V ? There is some missing car ? You don't know how to make them yourself ? So:
    There is finally a complete and ultra detailed tutorial to learn modding !!! :drooling_face:

    This is not in one video, it's step by step tutorial with summary, category... ect... All step illustrated by a picture or a video.
    Total of 22 pages, even if you have never mod a car you can follow this to make your own car easily !

    This represent more than 3 months of work, I hope you like it and it will usefull for you ! Share it everywhere for all people who want to learn car modding from scratch !

    For the moment this is in french, but I work on an english version of the tutorial !!!
    alt text

  • I am so sorry to be that guy.... but *CONVERT not CREATE :)

  • Was missing how to use the handling, carvariations, vehicles.meta

    But it's very good

  • @carloxfranco that's a completely different topic and to be honest you kind of learn that by trial and error :P

  • @GTAVModder4Life Did not I realize it's a different topic?

    I was just saying that this is missing from the manual that the creator created

  • Even with this being in French, Google Translate is doing an OK job and I must say, you have a lot of skills here. I am currently going through your tutorials and I just want to thank you for your extremely hard work. I would suggest though, if you want this to be translated to English, find a translator instead of doing it yourself.

  • @SCRAT The link doesn't work 😭
    Error - Dns server not found

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