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outdated mods.

  • really wish we could get some updates on some of the more commonly used mods instead of the modders just abandoning ship.

  • Well, in some cases they've simply moved on to other things and in some cases, modding for GTA was sometimes just a temporary interest or one of many. Sometimes, it's a matter of the real world and it's impact makes putting time into things not important a bit hard.

    So yeah, it's a shame when some stuff falls by the wayside (but equally, there are stuff that's so much a poorly warmed over rehash of something else that you wonder why the author bothers to keep it alive instead of doing something sort of unique or trying to seriously do better than merely rehash poorly).

    Sadly, and it is literally sad a state of affairs, where some mods released which were literally trying to do something a bit more creative and technically inspired gets treated as pointless and isn't 'low hanging fruit' enough to be given any credit for the effort and what is said makes the author feel like it was a waste of time releasing it (an inspired effort was never a waste of time to attempt).

    Sadly, those and many other reasons are the reality of the modding/'hacking' world as it is now. But being of a different 'generation' of hacker/coder to seemingly most of the new found modders around today, maybe my perception of it isn't even relevant to what matters in today's modding world.

    dusts off the still unfinished Sinclair MK-14 based 'world domination' device fueled by a once young crazy mind that got way too old too quickly :grin:

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