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Can't Seem to Get IgnoreDamageLimits in enblocal to Work

  • So I installed some new handling mods that enabled car deformations in GTA V and heard that Boris made a fix to the 'roof and door damage' by allowing the enblocal file to ignore the damage limitations set by Rockstar. The problem is, I haven't gotten it to work. The cars deform all around...except the doors and the roof. I wailed on a car with a bat and deformed every part except the roof/door.

    I downloaded ENB 0.275 from http://enbdev.com/do...ad_mod_gta5.htmand I haven't touched the files after dragging them to the GTA directory. I'm using Reshade 3.0 if that info helps at all. Would anyone know how to diagnose this issue? I really love the deformation from the handling mod and its definitely missing that extra punch Boris added.

    Examples of deformed cars with fine roofs. http://imgur.com/a/8UNjJ

  • Bump again. Still no solution

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