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Car crashes GTA V, everything's "fine" except one thing.

  • Title.
    Edited a car on Zmod, added parts, made the materials, but didn't wanted to export it, because the Default Material didn't had a shader. So i assigned one, and exported it. Added textures on OpenIV, doesn't crash there, but crashes when i load my game.
    Wat i do? How do i export it without having to deal with Zmodeler's Default Material ?I think that's the problem.
    And yes, every material is assigned. EVERYONE , except the default one.
    Have no problem to pass the files if you want to check the problem

  • ... And you have a handling.dat & gameconfig.xml assigned to it?

  • You can

    • Show all car parts(all LOD's) in polygon mode. Select vertices "By material" Default Material. Change these vertices into any other material.
    • Maybe the polygon count is too high. Set the Base value in the base lower. I.E Staniler.ytf/Properties/User defined properties, Base->50 to 30. Might be the closest option.

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