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Invalid Model for DLC Vehicles...need help!

  • I updated simple trainer yesterday just fine with no problems. I haven't played Gta for awhile so I went through the new DLC cars like the Elgy Retro, Comet Retro and so on. I spawned them just fine yesterday. However, oddly enough this morning when I tried spawning them I got an "invalid model". I have no idea what I did or what happened. I thought an addon car was conflicting it but that wasn't the case. I even tried downloading mpimportexport in SP but that didn't work out either. Everything is up to date. Please if anyone can help me that would be greatly appreciated!

  • Please...anyone..help...I'm still having this problem :(

  • That type of vehicles can't spawn in singleplayer so you will need a smarter trainer like menyoo that can spawn that type of vehicles.

  • @STC107 I have you checked to make sure your dlclist.xml isn't either missing, wrong or corrupted in some way?

    Make sure you check every line for a missing > or any extra characters where there shouldn't be any. One wrong character can stop all of the dlclist.xml from loading, which means that any dlc packs will stop working.

    Best bet would be to get the one from your backup files (you do have them I presume?) and then add your addons back into that again.

  • Maybe you don't have those files. Check GTAV/update/x64/dlcpacks/ and see if there's the dlc file, if not you can download one online

  • @LeeC2202 thank you so much!! I checked my dlclist.xml and it was in fact missing some dlcs! How silly of me to not look there. Definitly know now for the future, thank you so much I really appreciate the help!!!!! :D

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