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[SCRIPT] [RELEASE] [WIP] - Grand Theft Space

  • @SkylineGTRFreak well i was talking about the low model that you showed us before,
    but about this one, as i never did as big object before I wasn't sure so i did some test,

    I created quickly a high poly object to see and yeah it work

    so the object I created is 518K+ polygon

    the amount of polygon on colision was as much but a strange bug occured due to an error of my part ( i named all colision same so they merged together) wich make it not counted but working ( so the object is 518k polygon in OpenIv but should be twice ( 518k x 2 ) but if i open back the object with zmod it fuck the colision ( due to my error i guess)

    Anyway, the object is working Ig with colision too and don't give me any fps drop

    One bug only on first try, is that i was not able to reduce gta window to go on an other but not so disturbing and it didn't bug when i retry so i guess it was cause OpenIv and zmodeler where open too ;)

    http://imgur.com/a/U9mo2 (object spawned twice here, i also try with rotation and etc but still no fps drop or buguy colision ;)

    So, not sure cause i'm newbie in modeling but i think it's doable ( I don't know about 3ds yet but will learn it after that i'll release my v4)

    also if i can open the object with Zmodeler , i could separate the vehicle and the launcher but as I don't know how to do vehicle i can only do an object of it

    @sollaholla well map editor can handle really big object ;) not sure yet since idk the scale or detail level that you're talking about but it worked with really big object that i tested ( driver paradise object for exemple)
    If you want i can test

  • @Shaezbreizh I meant like moving objects around and stuff in-game, and positioning them. It wouldn't really work since:

    1. You can't tell where the player will be (the origin of the spacedome).
    2. Moving those objects in-air is not possible without moving X,Y,Z position values through a menu, or using map-editor to take a guesstimate of where exactly you want it to be.
    3. It'd be much cleaner just to make a Windows Forms App, and let people place stuff around like that.

  • @sollaholla Idk for the spacedome, may they could set it themself ?

    Else, yep you're right, it's hard to place big object manually due to the fact they're big and than we can select them only from close so we don't see anything when moving them xd
    But, there is an other way wich consist to place the object higher than wanted and then select it within entity list then you can make it down with the camera lock on entity selection but well not really efficient ( slow and less accurate cause camera locked on where the entity have been selected)

    and yeah maybe make a new tool for your mod will be better than map editor but I guess it's a lot of work too, and i guess you already get enough like that xS

  • @SkylineGTRFreak I think this is a better one to use:
    While its more expensive, i think its got better quality and more features. For example, the tower can be swiveled on to be next to the rocket. There's also more detail such as fuel takings and so forth.

  • The scene creator is pretty good guys! :D


    Didn't take too long to make and makes my job 1,000,000x easier now.
    Something that would've taken me 2 hours now takes like 10 minutes to make.

    Also the API for scenarios (pretty much missions) is pretty much done too. I've done my first mission (scenario) and it came out good, only took me about 10 minutes. This is a huge step forward for this mod.

  • @sollaholla yay I can't wait for the release

  • @sollaholla so does this give the ability to change planet or teleport to moon? Or is this more of a custom launcher to get around the navmesh boundaries

  • @wlupoli No it's neither. A scene is basically like a controller for all planets/orbital bodies. Think of it like a Box, and within that box you put all of your stuff, but you can only have one box at a time. This mod has nothing to do with memory editing or anything like that.

  • @sollaholla so this is able to bypass the standard los santos world/ environment and create a custom space environment using a few gta assets and the rage engine as a base

  • @wlupoli nope

  • @sollaholla isn't the whole vanilla gta v world a giant box/ scene

  • @wlupoli I'm not really sure :thinking:

  • @sollaholla well then when you open the game and use this program does it automatically teleport you to space or does it give the ability to travel with a rocket and eventually enter the space box/ environment

  • @wlupoli No this app has nothing to do with the game.

  • @sollaholla so what's it supposed to do?

  • @wlupoli Serialize / Deserialize Xml files.

  • @sollaholla ok, interesting. So the xml is for us to use to load into gta like map editor and the program just makes that happen in someway?

  • @sollaholla sorry for all the questions I'm just a little confused

  • @wlupoli


    • Read and or Write an xml file

    SpaceMod.dll (the main script):

    • Load xml file.
    • Read xml files.
    • Create scene from xml file.

    Your Job:

    • Be happy that you just spent 5 minutes and made a planetary system in game that has nothing to do with space.

  • @sollaholla now I get it! Thanks :grinning:

  • @sollaholla a little bit video of the progress please

  • @JRod said in [SCRIPT] [WIP] - Grand Theft Space:

    @sollaholla a little bit video of the progress please

    Yep, please make us dream ;D

  • Well it's... something. Position is not final and the shadows are bugged, but... apart from that it looks good.

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

  • @SkylineGTRFreak Will you include the landmass which comes with the model too?

  • @SkylineGTRFreak that looks stunning. Can't wait for the release

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