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[SCRIPT] [RELEASE] [WIP] - Grand Theft Space

  • try with texture LODs like vehicle models. Map models also have them

  • Also @sollaholla space textures looks more realistic than @Jrod stars.
    Amazing pics @JRod
    Incredible work!
    Gg guys!

  • Hey , solla im a small youtuber and i would love to try out this awesome mod and if i like it i will create a video on it , yours sincerly , ItzFuryYT

  • solla , i may have an idea how about a red galaxy , meteorites and gama rays which kill on sight!

  • @MrGTAmodsgerman Is there any documentation on that? I'm not familiar with texture level of detail.

    @ShakeZone Yeah the emissive shader doesn't look so great with VisualV because the object is so large it get's red-shifted by distance to the camera. I've tried using some vertex colors (actually all of them) and couldn't seem to get the redish glow to go away. @MrGTAmodsgerman was mentioning texture LOD so that might fix it? Idk

  • @sollaholla So you have 2 different texture archives like on vehicle models, _hi.ytd for high resolution textures and low.ytd for low resolution textures. So you make 2 different texture archives linked for the HQ version of the model and the low quality version. For example on vehicle models, low.yft use textures from low.ytd, and jj_hi.yft use some textures with higher resolution from the jj_hi.ytd texture archive.

    For map models you should do this on one model, so link low resolution textures on your LOD1 model and so on.
    Or ask 3Doomer if you got those MipMap problems.

  • The mod looks fantastic, but you guys should have a more realistic star field.

    Also, for Mars. You guys can use the regular GTA V day/night cycle. I believe that GTA V has timecyc modifiers use for the camera filters. Those can be used to make it look like Mars atmosphere.

  • When do this release?

  • @Paperclip next spring

  • @Paperclip 2051

  • I probably should've let someone better at editing do this one :laughing: but there's always room for 2 trailers.
    Hope you like it, guys. ;)

    Grand Theft Space Trailer #1

    • Don't be afraid to leave suggestions.
    • Don't be afraid to ask any questions about the mod at it's current state.

    Most of you are aware of what's in the mod so this trailer shouldn't be a surprise. But I do want to thank those of you who have stuck around and who have been supportive. You guys are the ones who make the mod better by giving suggestions and useful feedback.

  • @sollaholla I'm so confused, am I being trolled? Everyones disliking it but nobodies leaving feedback :thinking:


    @sollaholla I can only imagine 2 reasons for this. 1. It's little kids crying about you not updating Simple Zombies or 2. it's aliens because you killed many of them in the trailer.

  • @Unknown-Modder Definitely the second one. :thinking:

  • I am quite impressed.

    Out of curiosity, will there be two modes? One has no aliens. You can explore the different worlds without any aliens or UFO's.

    Then the other mode has the aliens and such.


    @sollaholla said in [SCRIPT] [WIP] - Grand Theft Space:

    @sollaholla I'm so confused, am I being trolled? Everyones disliking it but nobodies leaving feedback :thinking:

    I noticed this and found it strange also....

    I have been thinking maybe the down votes are because:

    • list itemYouTubers want your mod so they can make vids and fame/$ and you haven't given them early access or whatever...
    • list itemThe real guns rather than laser guns
    • list itemIn the open battle the player is hit with a rocket and it had no effect?


    They don't leave feedback they don't matter...

  • Ooo boy, waiting impatiently :grin:
    (only kidding, looks amazing as usual!)

  • I'm privating the video for now until we work up a remake. I need more coffee. :coffee:

  • @sollaholla daaamn and I couldn't see it :(
    The video had dislikes? wtf...this is like the greatest script mod for V
    I swear man..I want to punch some kids so bad...

  • @ShakeZone Lol, it's nothing though, I'm almost 100% sure it's the same people who bitch at me on my other channel about updating the zombies mod.

    This mod is shit, update zombies.

  • @sollaholla I just don't want you to be disappointed, that's all :)
    Cuz you worked hard and it's a pity to let some ..idiots to ruin all
    You have some real fans here :D
    Can you link the private video for me in a private chat?

  • @ShakeZone Yeah

  • @sollaholla I hope the new one will be better than the first one, like I said. Keep up the good work!

  • @sollaholla To be honest, I do not understand why that video was getting dislikes. If it is because of the kids wanting you to update the zombie mod, that goes to show that our society has a horrible zombie fetish. I think this mod is way more interesting than the zombie one.

    I suppose there are a few tips to improve the video and the mod, but I greatly enjoyed it.

    1. For the space shuttle launch, you should show a shot of the blasters firing off, and the shuttle lifting off the launch pad.
    2. You could show the transition into space by using the atmosphere script with VisualV.
    3. Show some footage of the space walk feature.
    4. Show some footage of the landing on earth feature.
    5. For the moon, and on Mars, you could add more rocks. It will give the terrain a lot more detail.
    6. When you fly towards a planet in space, you could trigger a cut scene of the ship flying towards that world. You could talk to I'mNotMentaL about how he did the cut scenes in his Benny's Original Motorworks mod and the Premium Deluxe Motorsport mod.

    Also, I have been talking with the creator of the atmosphere script. He is working on making all the parameters configurable for different weather types. I think he may put in a function that lets other mods enable/disable the mod too. Anyways, with that being said, the Halloween weather type is being used to simulate space and the atmosphere transitions. With every setting being configurable for different weather types, it will be possible to make it so when you set the weather to Halloween, the space lighting is used at all z cords. This could allow you to get better lighting when in space and on the moon.

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