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[SCRIPT] [RELEASE] [WIP] - Grand Theft Space

  • @sollaholla And like I said, keep it simple, and try not to show the whole thing. I have few ideas that might help, but I lack two things.

    1. Time
    2. The mod. :stuck_out_tongue:

  • @sollaholla i can't read video

  • @sollaholla You got my e-mail?

  • @sollaholla Think one of your devs will be able to rip the Nomad from ME Andromeda? It would look mighty fine with this mod.

    alt text


    omg, somebody actually made it happen

  • @ImNotMentaL What are you talking about, sorry I didn't understand. Did you mean the space mod or the Nomad vehicle?

  • Banned

    @ShakeZone About that the textures does not look realistic at all, thats not how space really looks like :/

  • @sollaholla Would it be cool if I could join this project?

    I am interesting in converting the maps into ymap files. In addition to that, I know how to make them so they can be toggable. They would start off disabled, and they can be enabled just like North Yankton. You won't see them when you don't want to, just like how North Yankton works.

    By using this method, you will be able to do the following.
    -Proper reflections.
    -LOD support.
    -Loading times will be significantly reduced for the objects. It will be less work for your script to do when switching maps. All your script will have to do is call the IPL load and unload natives, and the game will handle the map loading in its own thread, allowing it to work more efficiently.
    -Collisions will work properly. If you have played Drivers Paradise, or the Daytona Speedway map mods, you will know that the large props cause a bug where the body of vehicles do not collide with the map, only the wheels do. It wouldn't surprise me if crashing into a wall or rolling over a vehicle on the other planetary bodies results in falling through the map.
    -Proper MLO interior support for the bases.
    -It should make it possible to remove the night time orange glow effect.

  • @nkjellman Vehicle collision issues happens cause is used a entire geometry as collision (modders uses the map mod geometry with some polycount reduction but that is bad for videogames, even GTA V in street zones uses simplified shapes for the collisions and detailed collisions for ped access zones), that causes extended calculations time and the result is a vehicle crossing the bounds. The way to do map collisions for vehicles or any other high speed movement entity, is create the collisions with simple shapes like boxes, that optimizes the collision calculations time and drop a faster response when any other collider touch the map.

  • @nkjellman feel free to do whatever you want when the mod's released. it's just an API

  • @sollaholla If it is open source, that should be possible. I will need to change the code that spawns and deletes the objects to IPL load/unload.

  • @nkjellman I mean... you could... or you could just use the scene editor and it will spawn automatically since IPL's work with the mod, but do what you want ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  • @Rarefacer idk, but modifiying vehicle COLs prevents themfrom going through the map. My Ford Fusion NASCAR for example works fine in the track

  • @SkylineGTRFreak Sure, both collisions, map and vehicle, are involved. If the vehicle collisions are simplified in face normal directions and polycount, the calculations per face goes faster and helps to avoid this issue.

  • Just adding this so you guys aren't in the dark about the progress we've made


    • :white_check_mark: Completed
    • :tools: In Progress
    • :x: Not Yet Implemented
    • :bug: Bugs Exist

    Let's start by organizing the features into categories.

    :bug: Physics:

    • :white_check_mark: Changeable gravity levels depending on scene type.
    • :white_check_mark: The ability to float and move around in space without the assistance of a vehicle.
    • :white_check_mark: The ability to fly or float in all directions free of gimbal/rotational lock.

    :bug: Mission System:

    • :white_check_mark: A completely custom API for developing missions, and implementing custom features into the mod.
    • :white_check_mark: Ini file (settings) support, for reading and writing to a settings file at runtime using the ScriptHookVDotNet ini settings system.
    • :tools: Collectibles spread across the map, that give a reward (not sure what??) once they're all collected.
    • :white_check_mark: Small dialogue with peds throught the map, these peds will give you little bits of information about the story behind the alien species. (Possibly will do this after release)

    Scene Creator:

    • :white_check_mark: A fully working scene creator application that serves as an easy system for creating complex xml files.
    • :white_check_mark: Full support for Physics, IPL's, MapEditor, Teleport points, Props, etc.

    This next one is given seeing as people have trouble installing dlc packs.

    DLC Packs:

    • :white_check_mark: 1 single DLC pack, with all assets used in the space mod. Includes an .oiv file for easy install (with automatic dlclist changes that add the tag line to the file).
    • :white_check_mark: Fully customizable language dlc, that allows you to export, edit, and re-import gxt2 files in your spoken language.
    • :white_check_mark: Custom weapon dlc, that lets you replace previous weapons in the game using the addon method.


    • :white_check_mark: Ability to repair your vehicle while in space.
    • :white_check_mark: Overrideable weather, and time, in an ExtraSettings file. All settings are configurable within scene files.
    • :white_check_mark: Developer menu that allows you to load scenes dynamically and change/save settings to suit your gameplay.


    • Q: When will the mod be released?
      A: When we think the mod is ready.

    • Q: How is progress coming?
      A: We work on this mod very frequently! Development is very speedy considering all the details.

    • Q: Why are the graphics not very good?
      A: I'm no artist, and I'm very new to modeling. This mod is open-source so upon release you'll be able to change anything you want!

    This mod is intended to be an API, so please remember that. If you feel the mod (once released) is not full of enough content, just remember that this isn't meant to be a mod on it's own. We'll run a poll on some of the features in the coming future, so be sure to tune in every so often if you'd like to participate.

    Thanks for your time, cheers.

    -- Soloman

  • Wow expecting release very soon:) cant wait!! Also, when you have time after this, spider man updates would be awesome!


    @sollaholla We've definitely made good progress in the past days :smiley:
    @ismailmoustafa0802 I don't think it's gonna be very soon but we've already come far, so a little patience and it's gonna be soon™

  • Awesome work guys, it looks like it's coming along great. I've been meaning to get back to continuing my Carl Sagan series for a while and this mod would be the bee's knees for it. (and for tons of other machinimas too)

  • @Duggy I loved your clips man.Awesome

  • @ShakeZone Thanks man. Been away from the mod scene for a while but this has been top of my list for a while now, checking in on it's progress. Can't wait to see the final product

  • @Duggy Never have I clicked a sub button so fast.

    EDIT: The only thing running through my mind in the zombie videos is "god damn, I should make a zombie mod like this". Please god not again. :pray:

  • Thanks man, really appreciate it. Heh, people were hounding me to go back to my zombie series for a very long time.

    All those crashes, glitches and messed up recordings.........shudder............put me off making one for a long-ass time.

  • Out of curiosity, is there a chance that you can add support for different types of space ships?
    -Ones that don't require a launch pad. We just fly them up to a altitude set in the ini, and it puts us in space.
    -Support for ships with interiors. When we exit the ship, we can walk around its interior.
    -Apalo rocket. We can take it to the moon, and land on it with the Apalo lander. This was a feature in the Space mod for Minecraft. It would be cool if it was in this too.

  • @nkjellman

    • Already possible
    • As long as you have a mod that lets you open doors to enter, you can do this (but not walk around only float)
    • Idk if we'll do this one, because of the way the system works, landing is not a seamless transition, it's a fadeout.

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