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[SCRIPT] [RELEASE] [WIP] - Grand Theft Space

  • @Unknown-Modder Oh hell yeah, I'm sending it tomorrow ;)

    New Pistol:

    0_1496126685211_20170530024205_1.jpg 0_1496126691729_20170530024221_1.jpg 0_1496126698106_20170530024319_1.jpg 0_1496126708442_20170530024355_1.jpg

    The Flux Pistol can also be purchased at any Ammunation store.

    I just love energy weapons <3

  • @sollaholla This mod is going to be so much fun with space themed addon peds. I cannot wait!:) Been watching from the start man I know it'sgonna be a masterpiece

  • @sollaholla I'm looking forward to this.

    On a side note, what did you have to do to get your add on weapons to show up in the shop? I would like to try and see if I can get the GTA Online exclusive weapons to show up in the shop.

  • @nkjellman I ended up finding a file called shop_weapon.meta which contained definitions for weapons and they're purchasable price :) I hope this helps, just search it up in openiv and you'll find it!


    shop_weapon.xml :arrow_down:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    			<cost value ="10000"/>
    			<ammoCost value="100"/>
    			<id value = "32"/>
    			<weaponComponents />
    			<cost value ="7500"/>
    			<ammoCost value="50"/>
    			<id value = "32"/>
    			<weaponComponents />

    global.gxt2 (lagnuage dlc) :arrow_down:

    FLUXPISTOL_KILLS = Flux Pistol kills // This is for stats, if you want them.
    PULSERIFLE_KILLS = Pulse Rifle kills // This is for stats, if you want them.
    WTD_FLUXPISTOL = Think of an infinitely charged battery, combined with nano-electromagnetic pulse generators, and you got yourself a flux pistol.
    WTD_PULSERIFLE = Have you ever dreamed of an energy based propulsion system? Don't those electro-magnetic diodes get your heart pumping? Yeah, me neither.
    WTT_FLUXPISTOL = the Flux Pistol
    WTT_PULSERIFLE = the Pulse Rifle
    WT_AR_PULSERIFLE = Pulse Rifle // This is in the weaponpuslerifle.meta under <HumanNameHash/>
    WT_FLUXPISTOL = Flux Pistol // This is in the weaponfluxpistol.meta under <HumanNameHash/>
    WT_PI_FLIXPISTOL = Flux Pistol
    WT_PULSERIFLE = Pulse Rifle

    NOTE: HumanNameHash is used for the name displayed on the weaponwheel.

  • Already checked it out. I think Rockstar's scripts are blocking the weapons. It is possible that they are locked, and always are locked. There may be a weapon unlock native to call, which will make them appear.

    But thanks anyways. I can't wait to play this mod.

    Also, I have one other question. Now that proper modding is taking off, do you think you may use ymaps for your mods? Proper collisions for large terrain objects is a must as vehicle bodies pass through large prop collisions (allowing you to drive through walls, or fall through the ground when you roll over). Not to mention that ymaps won't have strange glow bugs. Additionally, you will be able to make your terrain for your worlds much much much larger. If you use ymaps, check out my release, as you will definitely need them to be toggles for a mod like this.

    Additionally, if you use MLO for the base interior, it maps everything on its own cord system, and the whole interior behaves like an object in the ymap. Which means that people will be able to reuse the interior with ease on all the different worlds they create. Its how I did my hidden interiors mod, and how I am going to give one of the Beach Houses in the map an interior using the Stilt House interior.

  • @nkjellman I've spent about a week toying with ymaps, and never figured it out. I even made extensive tools, and have tons of info dumps on flags and everything. Me and @Dekurwinator tried to get it working but having ymaps (with props, peds, weapons, vehicles, etc.) requires a patchday-ish DLC, or another x64rpf.. :(

    I should note that we did get ymaps working, but the downside was most of the dlc (vehicles, weapons, etc) will not work with them. Only if the ymaps are replacements (or overlay or if the dlc is marked as a levelPack).

  • @sollaholla I can help with that. No vanilla files will require editing, except for dlclist.xml.

    I dislike editing x64.rpf for map mods, or touching the gta5.meta, or images.meta.

    It is a horrible thing that causes bugs, and I don't get why people do it. I have gotten all of the ymap mods on here running in dlc packs because I like to keep all of the cloud textures working and not have objects missing around the map due to it messing up the loading hierarchy.

  • can u upload a showcase video?

  • Here are some of those "details" that I've been mentioning :camera: --

    2_1496777849238_20170606153449_1.jpg 1_1496777849238_20170606153600_1.jpg 0_1496777849230_20170606153520_1.jpg

    S/O to @Shaezbreizh for his amazing artistic talents. :)

  • It looks great! I am as excited for this as I am for LC.

    You should add rocks around the land scape on Mars.

  • @nkjellman Just did, and it added so much more to the experience. But idk how I'm gonna do it for the moon, and europa :thinking:

  • well the moon has crates..but idk how you can create them

  • @ShakeZone Our moon surface has craters

  • @sollaholla For our moon, check this out.

    You will want to make your rocks have slightly sharper edges and have them be smaller as they are less eroded. Normal maps are an absolute must. If you are able to do height maps, that would also be a good idea to make small details pop out. If you want less erroded rocks, you could possibly use rocks from the 3d era GTA's, shrink them down, and retexture them. lol. If they are shrunk down, and retextured, it could actually work. They would match current gen quality when shrunk down, and their low poly nature will make them look less eroded. You just need normal maps. I would also make the surface have mip maps so the texture doesn't have the tile effect.

    Also, on Earth's moon, you should include the Apollo Moon landing site. It would pay a tribute to this easter egg in VC, with the irony being that it is the idea that the US actually went to the moon, with the easter egg in VC poking fun at it being fake. http://i.imgur.com/stFL5K7.png

    For Europa, check this out.

    It may be CGI, but it does give us a pretty good idea of what it should look like. Also since you are doing Europa, you definitely should make an underwater cavern for us to explore in submarines.

  • @nkjellman Damn, that's a lot. I'll let someone else do it ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)



    Yes, I think that you are being smart to take this angle on this... I support you in managing your work load brother, I don't want you to burn out, other people can add to the initial release. Keep it fun and manageable!

    Best wishes.

  • @sollaholla Quick question. Where are you placing all of these maps in terms of cords? I'm helping robi29 with testing the atmosphere script.

    He implemented the ability to control the zones in the atmosphere script independently for each weather type. I am hoping that I can set this up to use the Halloween weather type so I can use the two mods together to get better lighting and shadows in this mod.

    Also, for Mars, which weather type and timecyc modifiers are being used?

  • Will this be done by the end of june or earlier?

  • @ismailmoustafa0802 If not the end of June, then early July.

    Thank all of you who have been patient with us, we haven't had too much time recently, but development is going good. (However there may be some possible issues with Windows 7 x64 SP1)

  • @nkjellman
    Most, if not all of the maps are centered at X:10000 Y:10000 Z:10000 and with help from @Unknown-Modder's NoBoundaryLimits script, we're able to do anything at those distances, even spawn entities (and much, much, more). That script as well as some of his other libraries will be available on his 5-mods page when the mod releases, and they will be manditory for running Grand Theft Space.

    We're using the default Timecycle modifier, and our standard weather is ExtraSunny. We do have Halloween weather compatability, thankfully. There's an ExtraSettings.ini where you can define a weather "index" to override the default.

  • @sollaholla do you make it as an OIV Install File?

  • @CSQ574 Yes, everything will be installable through an OIV.

  • @sollaholla Does the no boundaries mod also do the same thing as the one we already have or do we still need the RPF mod?

    Does it do anything else like:
    -Fix the camera boundaries.
    -Fix the dynamic shadow boundaries. (Without mods you can even pass this boundary. Shadows disappear above a certain aircraft altitude.)

  • I'll contribute to this mod, by making curiosity rover HQ. Too bad we dont have any other planet like mars :P

    alt text

    alt text


    @nkjellman Current features:

    ; Settings for NoBoundaryLimits.asi | (C) Unknown Modder
    patch_player_world_limits = true
    patch_global_height_limit = true
    patch_entity_map_depth_limit = false
    patch_explosives_boundary = true
    patch_entity_spawn_boundary = true
    patch_entity_task_boundary = true
    patch_camera_boundary = true
    patch_object_spawn_model_check = true

    I'm not sure about the shadows, though. I didn't even know that they disappear.

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