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[SCRIPT] [RELEASE] [WIP] - Grand Theft Space

  • Content removed due to being irrelevant now.

  • @BLACKHACK09 You'll have to ask the developer of the suit :P This mod is simply a platform/API for creating space-like scenery & missions.

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  • @sollaholla Then you know what to do.

  • ......

  • @LanGonCer9807 Correction, atmosphere.asi is compatible but there are a couple scripts that are not. Sorry for the misinformation. xD

  • 74.5 sec are enough for me to die from happiness...so yeah..it's ok, don't worry

  • Waiting for new pics with the mod!

  • 0_1489689905998_20170316144234_1.jpg



    Here's some screens of a floating system we're working on. :)

  • #Respect

  • @sollaholla Should i ask CP for permission to add his atmosphere mod to GTS's optional folder ?
    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

    Some extras
    alt text

    alt text

  • Awesome, can't wait!

  • @JRod Definitely! See what he thinks. Maybe I can just add an html shortcut to the mod page?

    Also: Inb4 comments about why the shuttle is upside-down.

  • @sollaholla Already pm'd him,lets see what he says,if he doesn't accept then simply just add a link to it in the description.

  • @sollaholla Ok it will be added in the "Optional folder"

  • @JRod Awesome :D

  • Welp, guess I'd better learn how to rig vehicles. Spike Spiegel's Swordfish II isn't going to convert itself!

  • @sollaholla said in [SCRIPT] [WIP] - Grand Theft Space:

    mod page

    This looks epic, and i can t wait to make a 4k vid for this epicness :D

  • @sollaholla nice !

  • 0_1489756006815_20170317090529_1.jpg

    Rockstar Editor works fine, as long as you're not in space when you launch the editor :)

    EDIT: Just gotta say, it feels good to be the 420th comment.

  • I must say, this is looking very impressive. I am quite impressed.

    Also, I have some ideas for your mod.
    -I have my atmosphere script from VisualV configured to start the stratosphere at 5,500 units high and end it at 8,500. I think this is better because then regular planes can't go into space, not to mention that you gotta go much higher to reach space. I use Sonic Boom to allow military jets to go faster and higher than regular jets. I feel that these settings would work better in this mod. It better simulates the different capabilities between helicopters/planes, military jets that can reach the stratosphere, and space craft.
    -Use the Timecyc modifiers for the Mars atmosphere. There are plenty of filters that you can use which give off a Martian look. You don't even need to do any custom timecyc. It would work with vanilla graphics or VisualV. (However the atmosphere mod from VisualV is still a good thing to have.)
    -If you load Mars up high, use the atmosphere mod, you could actually simulate leaving Mars atmosphere as well. Only issue is GTA V doesn't have shadows up high. So you may need to actually write your own atmosphere script. You then can adjust where the transition area is to go to space depending on the planet. As Mars has a thinner atmosphere, it shouldn't take as long as it does on Earth. If you write your own, you can put your map below the shadow height limit.
    -On the Moon, just use the VisualV timecyc used with the atmosphere mod or one similar, then make it day time. GTA V has a bug where the props glow orange at night from light pollution, no matter where they are placed. It is even noticeable with the Stunt Props.
    -As an easter egg, it would be really cool to have space craft from SiFi. So for example, you could have Star Wars ships like the Millennium Falcon, Star Destroyer, etc... Star Trek would be cool too, like the Enterprise. But IMHO, it would be neat if Voyager was included because as I recall, there was an episode where they wound up in the present (at the time the show aired), in Los Angeles. There were several places seen in the episode that are featured in GTA V. Not to mention that you have multiple games to get an interior for the ship from if you decide to include it. Plus if I recall, Voyager can land, and it would be funny to land it in the airport and see it take up the whole thing. lol. In addition to that, the easter egg UFO's from GTA V, and the one seen in Michael's hallucination in the mission "Did Somebody Say Yoga" should also be featured as drivable vehicles.
    -I believe that SpaceX is featured in the Los Angeles area. I think it would be amazing if you could somehow take advantage of this and put Space X in GTA V. In fact, there are several buildings right by the airport that could be retextured to look like Space X (I actually have my Import/Export Vehicle Warehouse there in GTA Online).

    Anyways, very imaginative mod. I loved the space travel concept in the Star Gate mod for GTA SA. I would love to see space travel for GTA V and I can't wait for this mod to release. This mod proves why GTA modding has so much potential, especially on GTA V.

  • @sollaholla said in [SCRIPT] [WIP] - Grand Theft Space:


    Rockstar Editor works fine, as long as you're not in space when you launch the editor :)

    EDIT: Just gotta say, it feels good to be the 420th comment.

    Shoot for the moon, and even if you miss, you'll land among the stars...suffocating.

  • @SkylineGTRFreak I got home early and I bought the new launch complex. First impression: you're gonna need a bigger island. A MUCH bigger Island. I'm currently uploading the ZIP file to Mediafire and I'll PM you a link when it's done.
    alt text

  • @nathanjamesddg151 If the next GTA is in Florida and you decide to make this mod again, at least you'll (probably) have Cape Canaveral.

  • @BLACKHACK09 I'm not part of this project. @SkylineGTRFreak just asked me to buy the model.

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