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Game crash during loading storymod

  • I remove and update many scripts. The game works not stable. I don't know which mod started to break down the game because many scripts I add at the same time. I have used it earlier. I installed a lot of mods lately and the game crashes more often. Sometimes the game start after I remove any script, but only once. Gameconfig doesn't help. Please help me!

  • @Wrong Saint you remove 1 script at a time load up the game and play it, then remove another script mod till the crashing stops and then you know which mods are broken and dont use it till its updated.

  • @Willief23 it is very hard. Must be a way to keep track of errors by using a log. I need help from knowledgeable people

  • I already get three crash when I was driving (civilian's car, not mod). It is very strange.

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