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Shoot Me

  • I wanna dodge bullets. It'd be cool and extremely immersive if we could make it so that the player [me] staggers or dies after a bullet or two. Is this possible? I know there was a mod previously but it doesn't seem to work anymore. I just wanna be on my toes during fire fights. any suggestions?

  • I'll give it a stab, but before I start, plz be more specific

  • Really cool Idea I Can Make That For You. Want to talk jump on my discord about the making of mod come on!


  • basically i want the player to have realistic health shot to the head dead. shot to the body maybe stagger or even a "last stand" situation. I just hate how i get hit 30 times before i die. My wife always says "you'da been dead" it's embarassing i must show her that i am a true outlaw and can get away with murder... (in a video game) because life is precious.@CrazyMaisy3

  • Really good idea mine if I upload me making it for a video tutorial / timelaspe here's my channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgrmbC3m7yPzh6VYUg299KA

    if you want a update on the script status come on my discord https://discord.gg/ntGRR37

  • @CurtArchitect
    Actually you can do this very easily yourself, run OpenIV, follow this path:
    your game installation folder\update\update.rpf\common\data
    inside you'll find pedhealth.meta file, open it up with any text editor, you need either Strong or Average, can't remember exactly, but one of these governs base hit points both for you and peds of similar type, you need to alter those lines:
    <DefaultHealth value="
    <DefaultArmour value="
    Lower it to 10 or something, and you'll be dying in one hit probably from anything. You can also fine tune it up to your tastes if it feels like you have too little or too much health.
    DON'T forget to put modified file in the mods folder not to mess up original files.

    On account of peds, it doesn't really affect them much, because damage system in GTA V is pretty complex, they can die in one hit, bleed out and etc, so you won't notice big difference after tweaking those on enemies.

    Stagger or "last stand" might be possible with scripts, but I have no experience in that, hope someone else helps you there.

  • @CurtArchitect You can use this for deadly head shots (and other cool stuff): https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/locational-damage-deadly-headshots

  • Well i guess I don't Have Too Do It AfterAll.

  • @BlakeB That mod doesn't include a staggering or "last stand" feature when shot at the body though, so you could still make that portion.

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