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Forza Horizon 3 models

  • Forza Horizon 3 models finally can be exported! (Not perfect now, but anyway its a big progress)

    Gamemodels link


  • Eh i managed to bring some models into Zmodeler and UV maps are seriously screwed tho. Ill do some more testing later.


    Sl0wly but surely, it's g0nna be a fine spring

  • cant wait for the isetta

  • Good hopefully we can get the Bentley XP10 model with the right interior one day..since the one made for GTAV is gone.

    alt text

  • @Machyna They too raw now, but its just matter of time

  • @ReNNie Yea, i hope in spring we already can start to convert them

  • @baba0rum @rastakilla Yes, there is a lot of classics, previously not appearing in games, and also '16 - '17 model years cars. I hope we can start working with them soon

  • @baba0rum I think you need take a look at this) link

  • Managed to put a lod 0 fully together after a long time but its way to much hassle to work with atm. I might make a video tutorial if other modders want to see how exactly to do it.

  • @Machyna with broken uv maps and scale problem. and when you're lucky, you cant even convert one part (isetta > exterior/platforms/body make it crash)

  • The author said it wont get updates, he said Uvmaps and normal correcting is really weird. Some meshes have up to 5 uv channels and he doesnt have the time and neither want to keep on with it

    Sucks when the mesh quality is pretty much forza horizon 2 re used models and the meshes making the car unique like sills and engine are corrupt in more than 60% of the cars. I mean 500mb for sills? Screams "corrupt file" when body is max 40-50mb

  • @Vans123 I extracted the lexus rcf 2015 and the rocket bunny kit from it. No parts of it is corrupted door sills and all the interior is there but some of the lod 0 are attached to lower lods (its easy to separate them just takes a lot of time for small parts) The model is great and its not that hard to place parts by hand since i do it for most of the concept models i have uploaded. The only thing i hate is the UV mapping. Some parts arnt mapped, other parts are completely wrong so basically if i were to want to release this HQ car i would have to remap the entire thing which is way too much of hassle. I dont think ill be working on that model any more :/ Hopefully u have more luck on FH3 models.

  • @Machyna i managed to get the regera mapped and everything, sills fucked me and are corrupted, i got so pissed im not extracting anything for FH3 until something that exports UV's is released, texture converting isnt quite good too, alot of artifacts and compressing that makes them look bad

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