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Realistic firefight and injury

  • Ive had this idea for a while. What if it were possible to re-balance the scale of warfare within Grand Theft Auto to a more realistic medium. I understand that GTA is an action game and bullets are intended to be exchanged like raindrops. But what if the police in the game did not shoot you until you posed a real threat (i.e. brandishing a firearm). And lets say you do pull out a firearm the police will wait until you first fire your weapon before strategically firing one (maybe two) shots at a time instead of every cop in the state firing upon you like they're John Rambo dual wielding two machine guns. And the reason NPC's wont fire on you as much anymore is because the health system in the game will be re-balanced as well. Which means you get shot once and your ass is going down. So if you're going to kill someone you better make damn sure its worth it because for the first time in Grand Theft Auto history there will be actual risk for being shot. (Because simply walking away every single time looking like Swiss cheese is not all that satisfying).

    I suppose you could expand on the idea and re balance the damage system for each caliber of firearm. But without armor at the most--two hits from even a 9mm should put you down. Ive always admired the damaged system from The Getaway. It was by far the most realistic injury in a game to date. Would be cool to use that to form the most realistic injury mod ever.

    There are "realistic" gunshot mods already out there but none that are truly realistic. I know that this would be a unique and exciting addition to Grand Theft Auto

  • I sorta Understand Have A Video/Photos to relate To so it can be Explain Better.

  • I love the ideas! There's a mod for the police to use Lethal Force Authorization and some others like PIT etc.
    Link: https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/better-chases-arrest-warrant

  • @TheEagles1977 Already exist it's Realism-Dispatch-Enhanced , but be sure to start on a clean Mods folder and find a better gameconfig.xml if it's not working.

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