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Player model swapping

  • Hi

    Sorry to bother the community with this but i've been away for a year from modding. Is there a way to change the player model and still be able to play the story mode properly? Last thing i remember was a trainer sort of thing that let you change the models to any ingame one but you werent able to play the story.

    Thanks in advance :)


  • @Unknown-Modder
    Thanks thats kinda what im looking for. I thought by now it will have a normal character swapping or Freemode char for one of the protagonists.
    BTW is it possible to change the model of characters? (eg head model) i remember playing gta iv with DMC Dante head. Could it be done the same way as installing car replacers?

  • @Unknown-Modder I'm not exactly sure how 'GTA Online' and 'SP' mode can be used in the same sentence, but I'm pretty much in the same boat as the OP.

    I installed a few Lara Croft peds, for test, and was able to change my character to said models, spawning them with Simple Trainer. But the game won't let me play missions as said model, and immediately switches back to the default MP when I try. And it seems I can't buy clothes either; nor will Customs' garage doors open for me, etc.

    Any insight would be appreciated.


    @meimeiriver What my script (or the Cheat Engine table) does is basically changing the model hash of the local player's ped which allows you to play missions using different models than Michael, Franklin or Trevor. Only when the model hash was changed to player_zero, player_one or player_two, of course.

  • @Unknown-Modder Brilliant! Your script was exactly what I needed. :)

  • @Unknown-Modder Looks like the swapped-out hashes (nor the switched-to models, for that matter) won't survive a savegame; but it's all good, really, and easily set again. Thanks again!

  • @Unknown-Modder I'm having to use menyoo to change my character is your mod supposed to actually change characters or no? and if not, am I supposed to be using menyoo or something else? right now missions where you switch between characters and also all of their special abilities don't work is that normal should I do all the main story missions as the real guys so it's just side stuff and then switch to what I want?


    @steveyos My script does only change the model hash, not the whole ped model. You can use any trainer that supports model changing. And I haven't tested it in missions where you can switch between the protagonists but yeah, that can cause problems which are unavoidable.

  • @Unknown-Modder ok awesome I'll just finish plowing through just missions quick then do all the stuff that's more fun anyway as a Hot Babe™ tyvm

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