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1965 Pontiac Full-size Car

  • Welcome all! To start things off, I was searching for a 1965 Bonneville/Catalina model that I might ask to be converted to GTA 5. Of course no such thing exist after a little research, so awhile ago start to make my own (I am new to modeling, but I took a high school class for auto cad so I'm not retarded at modeling :P). The first attempt I did was totally wrong after remeasuring it when returning back to it (I took a break because I found the roof was wrong and I was bored of working on it at the time). So this time I used a different approach, I started drawing the blueprints myself and that's where I am now (I maybe have spent a dozen hours working on it) here's what I got. Personally I think it's close to done, but I still need to work out the under side and figure out the tires a little more. Photos on Google+ because I'm lazy (https://plus.google.com/u/1/photos/100858747188247178598/album/6379336214193478321/6379336212788802770?authkey=CP-TmfmQjcqmiwE)
    PS, I'm starting in Auto Cad Sketchup and then moving on to 3ds Max when I finish the blueprints and have them ready for the actual modeling

  • Also, any help that could be provided wouldn't go unappreciated, like tips and tricks. I'd also like if people gave an honest input of anything, I was think about doing a Station Wagon and a Four door version. I wanted to do the convertible, but I didn't see anything on how to have a working top. Remember, I am still new, I would like this to be a nice reality of something I personally worked on, so I'm willing to work out things with other people to get to having the car driving in GTA. If anyone is also willing to help out I'd much appreciate that too :)

  • @John-Lemon Really few people create cars for GTA from scratch these days, so you start a great work! And classical Full-Sizes not popular cars for GTA today, so i 100% appreciate your model choice. Also i have some experience in converting cars to GTA 5, so when you done with modeling i can provide you some help with convert

  • @Yarm1995 Awesome! once again, it's appreciated. Like I said, I want this to a be a reality for me so I can drive it around in GTA 5 :). Once it's done I'd like it to be free to everyone to work on. On a side note, do you have any idea on how to get a working convertible top and mod parts?


    Yep, there is only a handful real creators. @solo and @carface80 being among those.

    Full respect what you've set out to do!

    //edit: thnx Yarm

  • @John-Lemon Is this any help? https://www.the-blueprints.com/blueprints/cars/pontiac/51942/view/pontiac_catalina_2-door_sport_sedan_(1966)/

    You might have to sign up to get the full size image... I used to get all my blueprints from there years ago, there's not much they don't have.

  • @Leec2202 hmm, that changes a lot, while I'm still going to role with my blue prints till otherwise, I might use those for the Post Sedan Car and who knows, maybe I'll take my '65 designs and then a make a '66 copy. Like I said though, I'm still rolling with the 1965 designs that I have drawn up, but if I do use the '66 post designs, I'll try to do both the '65 car and the '66 car line-ups. If I do that idea that work there would be 2 sets of 2 door hardtops and post, 2 set of 4 door hardtops and sedans, 2 station wagon, and maybe a set of Nomad style Wagons and Convertibles (But I'd have the 1965 2 door coupe done first, since it the base car everything would be based off of)

    Question for everyone: Should I do the Grand Prix in the long run too? I know it sound like I have a lot on my hands (Yes it kind of is, but they're all same basic car), But with it having the correct grill, roof, interior and tail lights it might be interesting to see done . I don't know, I like the ideas and I'll take them all on one at a time, but remember, no promises ;)

  • Also, should I do the 2+2 and the Base Catalina? or just have one or the other?
    Edit: I forgot a pic of the 8 lug rim, so here they are (https://plus.google.com/u/1/photos/photo/100858747188247178598/6379689430032897634?icm=false&authkey=CKnJt-mwt8iebg)

  • @John-Lemon I didnt try to make convertible roofs yet, but i know it possible (with some limitations probably). About tuning parts i know a lot, i'm able to make parts, that replace whole body or chassis model, or add some details to unrelated parts (i.e when you install hood or trunk, antenna appears on the roof, or when installing foglights on bumper, button appears on dashboard, etc). Also, maybe this can help you know about some modifications of this car, or with images for textures: Catalina

  • @ReNNie And Carface also)

  • @Yarm1995 Awesome! I didn't expect all this friendliness too! :) with that aside, I'll focus on the Convertible last anyway, seeing how there aren't many out there and it seem that there isn't too much in the way convertibles anyway. What I want to focus on is getting the base car down first and then we'll take it from there. I'm wrapping up the Sketch up stages now so that I can move on to 3Ds Max to make it a real 3D model. As for textures I'm going to need help on that because I don't know how to use Photoshop, but of course I can still help find the textures in most cases. ;)

  • @Yarm1995 Well, to everyone following the project, it's rolling along smoothly :). I ironed out some little things, got the 8 lugs (the wheels, Pontiac slang) sized and on the car and finally in 3Ds Max!! Idk, I kept the Beta Wheels because I though they were cool, but with time I'm probably going to get rid of them anyway. Idk, maybe I'll do something with them in the future ;). That's all for now, I gotta get rolling on the design work and then I'll send it off to Yarm1995 to convert to GTA 5, after that I MIGHT release the body to say I've done something. But remember, there's still work to be done! besides I got 13 more bodies to do before this is finished! So yeah, I got alot on my plate, once's the coupe is finished I'll work on the 66' parts, then the four hardtop, followed by the Station Wagons (2 door and 4) and if I hear any news on if the convertible is possible then that after the post bodies. But we'll cross that bridge when we get there, right now I should be working on the coupe in 3Ds Max ;0!


    I'm no hero in zmod but whereever I can chime in on Photoshop stuff like texturing and later on for add-on creation etc, just ask

  • @John-Lemon Anyway, its easy to make roof as a tuning part or extra. And dont worry about textures, we can use some textures from other games (Pontiac Tempest GTO from forza 4 can be used for some badges and light textures), also i have big collection of tiling textures with bump and spec maps for interior. So good luck with your work :)

  • @Yarm1995 Thanks Man, I'm going to need it, this is going to be the journey, especially if 3Ds Max continues to act up. :)

  • @John-Lemon Take a look at this model. Certainly there is a big differences between '65 and '68 models, but maybe you can use it for some parts and textures.

  • @Yarm1995 I'm Thinking about using the Chrome, most of the Vinyl, Headlights and some Plastics from the interior for textures from it. As for parts, I don't know if there is much I can use from it other than maybe the door handles. With that aside the model is awesome quality.

    Yarm1995, I was wondering, do you have anymore direct ways of communication? Checking the forums a few times a day isn't very effective nor quick for find stuff out.

  • @John-Lemon You can contact me by email: yarm95@gmail.com.

  • @Yarm1995 Sorry i didn't get back to you, I was doing other stuff that wasn't working on the Catalina Project. I was playing GTAO getting a feel from it and maybe some ideas. Getting back real life model cars, plus some school work I had to finish.
    So today I'm getting back to working on it so I don't procrastinate on it ;)
    PS I think I might have ideas as for mod parts from taking the break as stated above

  • @John-Lemon Its ok, we all limited on time and have other important things to do. When i convert car, i can take a break for few weeks, because of limited time or lack of inspiration. So when you have some ideas or questions about tuning parts, you can contact me here or via e-mail

  • UPDATE 1#: I started numbing these things. Second, I got back to the Catalina Project, I ended up ditching my blueprints for now and moved on to using 1966 blueprints as they prove to be more reliable. So yeah, I had to start the project all over again. I might come back to using the designs I had, but I doubt it at this point since they're out of alignment. To correct the blueprints I'd have to go back to sketch up and waste more time on designs that aren't consistent, re work them to fit and do nothing with them in the end.
    Besides all of that this is what i got so far

  • UPDATE 2#: I've stopped working on the project. I'm likely not getting back it to, unless 3Ds max sucks less and I can understand it, otherwise, I'm not updating this project anymore personally. However, I MAY get back to it, only if I can use 3Ds max better than now, but for now I don't care to try understand such a difficult and unfriendly program. No it's not the love that has died for the 1965 Pontiacs, but rather my patience with the program being so shitty. So for now, I'm not working on this project, if anyone wants to pick up where I was, reply with your email and I'll forward the project to you.

    For now, Peace
    John Lemon

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