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Question about future modding...

  • I was playing fallout 4 earlier and I noticed about how cool it was to have a custom reload animation for my modded guns. I was wondering whether it was even possible to have custom made reload animations for gta guns? I'm almost positive it isn't possible.

  • Fallout developers provide a modding kit, they actually support and encourage modding by giving the players the tools to do whatever they can think of

    Rockstar on the other side would like to see their game die and lose money before giving recognition and support for modding. They instead of supporting just try harder every patch to discourage modders by making code and modifying file structures just to give the modder more hassle and destroy whatever they had already "done"

    So thankfully to this kind of neglect towards modding, modders gotta develope their own modding tools...which nobody will do for free or if they do, then they will charge for it. Making the progress slow or totally obsolete, in this case we still got no way to make custom animations, making it impossible to have custom reload anims

  • @Vans123 that's the sad truth ...

    Those GECK/CK tools that Bethesda provides seem like they are so close to their internal tools they must use for game development.

    They know that a large portion of their sales after the initial release are due to their modding community, and also much of their original DLC releases and then of course Skyrim Remastered which support mods on cosoles (with restrictions). Many of the console players would have bought the new versions simply to play with mods.

    This time around the aim was to sell GTA Online for residual income.

  • @Vans123 well, if they wanted modders to not be able to access files, they would've made a LOT more encrypted .rpf and game files. But they didn't. The fact is, it's actually quite simple. And you talking about the game breaking each patch, that's because the addresses change which Rockstar neither us modders can control and its not their fault. And they're releasing free DLC's for us, is that not enough?

    We are also breaking the EULA by reverse-engineering the game so....

    Side note - Animations MIGHT be possible, since they were possible back in the day of GTA 4.

  • Well, the story speaks for itself over R*/t2i's attitude to it all. Hell, they are even out to get people who externally mod (not talking about instrusive game breakers, just stuff that manipulates the game similar to the standard controls methods via dinput/xinput or affects data in memory that has zero to do with the GTA:O specific stuff), so they'll always be treating those who see improvement or refinement potential (the real long term modding that counts) as the enemy.

    As GTAVModder4Life mentioned, they could have made it so much harder to actually mod the game by seriously ferking up how you could interpret/access game data files - but like their rush to 'get it out there' meant many game features were shadows of what they could have been, they employed a similarly 'brain dead' regard to how they encrypted/secured data files.

    I mean, that would have been easy compared to the bigger nightmare - preventing direct memory 'tampering' - but even then, they could have used a VM within a VM approach similar to how PS4/XB1 titles and their supporting 'gameos' underpinnings are achieved - which doesn't entirely destroy direct memory modding, but makes it a huge factor of more difficulty to achieve unauthorised modding/tampering.

    But no, being the brain dead scum sucking monkey's they are, they took the low hanging fruit approach combining two-faced fake leniency on one level (SP) and outright facist-like punishment of modding on GTA:O. And in the process, ensured they could exploit one to strengthen the other when it came to crazy overkill reaction to 'modding'.

  • @GTAVModder4Life good point about the rpfs ... that could have been very different.

    I think GTA Online is just poorly engineered. They fact that people could easily tamper with money seems to be due to poor design. They probably added GTA Online as a side-experiment and didn't expect it's success.

    The people paying for shark cards is what is providing us with free DLCs. I won't complain about that.

  • @Dev0lv0r You have a good point about R*'s anti-cheat for modding, imo its complete sh*t. But they still catch hacker's in their ban waves so....

    Yeah, but then again nearly every game which is Online has some way to trade real money into game currency. And they don't give free DLC's...

  • Everything we mod is done by reverse engineering. Things like ScriptHookV , Zmodeler 3, and OpenIV have made it possible to edit custom map, vehicles and peds all because of reverse engineering.

    Its no doubt that we can edit animations soon, but it will take time. It took 3 years for GTA 4 to have finally custom made animations.

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