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[VEHICLE MODDING] My lights texture is completely blank, even though it shows in Zm3..?

  • I took the model from Assetto Corsa and the light texture is completely blank. But it shows the lights in the texture viewer. But since its completely blank the lights are alplahed and are transparent, not to mention there is no... "texture".. can anyone tell me whats going on here?

  • @GTAVModder4Life maybe you choose the wrong material, i am at home in 1,5 hours then i can help you (got your skype, can help you on screen if u want), so go to Material browser, mark your material go on earth symbol upper right and choose lightemessive. make sure your texture.dds is still chosen under detail1 and the texture is also in the ytd file. go into game, choose night setting and see if it lights up

  • @TobsiCred Hello Tobsi:
    I am still converting the file and have not yet put it in game. The problem is, the light.dds file is COMPLETELY blank and 0 alpha. But in ZModeler, it shows up fine... what am i missing?

  • @GTAVModder4Life so the light material is correct and you choose light.dds in properties under detail? but it is a white dds? can you make a screenshot of the lights shown in zmodeler and post it here

    edit: have you done anything in material browser or just looked at the file in the texture Browser?

    for correct working ingame you also must give the light correct name and id in polygon mode

  • @TobsiCred
    In zmodeler it shows the texture fine, in the texture browser. But in File Explorer, outside of ZModeler its a completely blank texture file. I'm confused.

  • @GTAVModder4Life got this problem on my kadett too, i think the file is broken. you cant open it up with photoshop or gimp, right? (needs dds plugin before)
    so i am at home. now i can help you way better

    explanation: the texture is saved in mtl. file which comes with your obj file, so zmodeler remember the file and can show it correct, but when you export your vehicle and add the dds located in the "textures" folder in the ytd it stays blank because its broken

    like this? instead of ps blank cause you linked no program to dds files

    to solve this you can choose other dds like i have done for the alcantara or you can go to the texture browser in zmodeler, make the window fullscreen, use snipping tool on windows and save as a new file (png). the 3rd option you can try but didnt worked for me is choose light.dds (in texture browser) and "save" and save/export it as a new dds.

  • @TobsiCred yes thats the exact problem! I'll try the snipping tool thing, and tell you if it works, but thanks!

    BTW did you also take the model from Assetto Corsa lol?

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