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[WIP] Speed Radars for Los Santos

  • Hey. I wan't to show you, the project I'm working on. At the moment it's just a model i made.
    I just liked the idea from GTA SAMP. Some RP-servers have this sort of speed radars around the city. And they work. I want to do the same thing for GTA5 in singleplayer (or MP for the future).

    alt text

    I really have no idea how to script. So if you can script or know someone who can for GTA5, pls. let me know. It doesn't need to be a big script for it. Just a simple script that makes it possible to detect you or npc's speeding. It should give a flash light like the real speed radars.


    ... another piece or realism that would make it so much better

  • Wow Great! keep it please!

  • Hi!
    I know this Thread is about a Year old, i just want to ask for news about this nice Project? Because i'm very interested in that..

    (...und weil mein englisch jetzt gerade mal wieder echt zum heulen ist und ich gerade keine lust auf google translator habe:
    Gibts zufällig irgendwelche Neuigkeiten über dieses coole Projekt? Würde mich nämlich auch mega dafür interessieren!)

    ;-) Greetz



  • @TheRemy Derzeit ist es eingestellt, da ich niemanden finden konnte der mir ein Script macht, weshalb das Model einfach nicht zu gebrauchen ist. :(

  • @ReNNie still need a script for this piece of realism :/ I didn't find a scripter for my model. Thats why i canceled it.


    @CSYON it’s a shame, would’ve been cool too

  • Do you still have the prop?

  • Because if you do, I might have a surprise for you.

    @CSYON This is a work of thirty minutes and so its not very elegant or detailed, but the speed radar functionality is there. When I find some more time I'll implement the red flash, I assume you mean a red light in the prop, right?

    Regarding speed limits we can either figure them out from the roads themselves (road node flags) or define them ourselves, per zone. It wouldn't be a bad idea to pull the speed limits from @sorbas 's PullMeOver file, which is a script that deals with a similar concept.

  • @Eddlm I don't know if you are still scripting on your speed radar but im working on the models again. I found a fix for all my bugs i had. I made a new model for it too btw: alt text

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