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[WIP] Speed Radars for Los Santos

  • Hey. I wan't to show you, the project I'm working on. At the moment it's just a model i made.
    I just liked the idea from GTA SAMP. Some RP-servers have this sort of speed radars around the city. And they work. I want to do the same thing for GTA5 in singleplayer (or MP for the future).

    alt text

    I really have no idea how to script. So if you can script or know someone who can for GTA5, pls. let me know. It doesn't need to be a big script for it. Just a simple script that makes it possible to detect you or npc's speeding. It should give a flash light like the real speed radars.

  • ... another piece or realism that would make it so much better

  • Wow Great! keep it please!

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