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[SOLVED] Rockstar Editor video filters.

  • Does anyone know if there is a way to access the R* Editor video filters, inside the normal gameplay? I am doing a photo-centric mod and the addition of those filters would be far better than that screen-effects I am using right now.

    I suspect though, that they are applied in a way that makes them inaccessible outside the editor... so I'm just seeing if someone can confirm a yes or no, to avoid me spending hours digging through game files looking for something that isn't actually there.


    Couldn't tell Lee, but having filters in a menu cam tool would be sweet as pie

  • @Frazzlee @GtaGam3r I have just watched the video on the release page of the stand-alone trainer and it doesn't have any of the filters from the editor in it... is that stand-alone version different to the one with the graphics mod?

    Edit: Although it does make me wonder how much point there is in my current mod. :( Maybe people don't need the level of spontaneity that I am putting into my mod, maybe they just want more control. I did wonder when I started if there was much demand... maybe there is even less now. :(

    Ah well, I will play with it.

  • Well, if you can't manage to exploit the in-game filters the way you want, you can always export the video without filters, segment the video into sections requiring different filtering and use ffmpeg/avconv and something like imagemagik (or something similar video specific) to create filtered versions of the segments, then stitch together the segs (using ffmpeg/avconv with 'same' parameter applied to -vcodec and -acodec functions to avoid a transcoded output).

    And whilst it isn't the highest quality approach, it's better (or at least no worse) than trying to FX something already post-processed with FX in the original export.

    Putting it more simply, why wrestle with the alligator when you can exploit it's nature to do it's bit, and you do the rest without being tied to the nature of the alligator?

  • @9h457l33j03k3rr I think maybe you have misunderstood the point of the topic... this has nothing to do with exporting video, it has to do with using the filters that are available in the Rockstar editor, inside an in-game mod.

  • @LeeC2202 I believe the filters are in the timecycles. Off the top of my head, 2, 3 and 4.
    You can preview using simple trainer. Change weather and then timecycles.

  • @Cass said in Rockstar Editor video filters.:

    @LeeC2202 I believe the filters are in the timecycles. Off the top of my head, 2, 3 and 4.
    You can preview using simple trainer. Change weather and then timecycles.

    Ah, never thought of them being Timecycle effects. Sorry @Frazzlee that's my fault for not knowing where to look. I was looking for a filters section. :( I even installed the graphics mod to look... the things desperation will make you do. :D

    What I need now then, is one of those smart C++ coders to offer a hint as to how I can access them... unless it's something that can only be done via an asi mod of course.

  • @Frazzlee Part of me is tempted to tag the authors and ask but the other part knows how protective some programmers can be of their secrets, so I'll avoid that until I am absolutely desperate.

    It's possibly done through memory patching, which can be done in .Net with unsafe code, so it's probably possible. The code that CamxxCore gave me to do the material checking in my helicopter effects mod was mostly unsafe code. It just needs an assembly setting changing in the project in Visual Studio to allow it.

  • Ooooohhhh.

    edit void SET_TIMECYCLE_MODIFIER(char *modifierName) // 2C933ABF17A1DF41 A81F3638
    edit void SET_TIMECYCLE_MODIFIER_STRENGTH(float strength) // 82E7FFCD5B2326B3 458F4F45
    edit void SET_TRANSITION_TIMECYCLE_MODIFIER(char *modifierName, float transition) // 3BCF567485E1971C BB2BA72A 

  • chop vision. :D

    Edit: Hmm, joy shortlived :( None of the names for the video filters seem to work, I wonder if they're given different names internally? :confused: But hey, it's more than I had a few hours back, I'll take the minor win.

    alt text

  • Yesss!!!!! "NG_filmic01" to "NG_filmic25" :joy:

  • @Frazzlee So did you not know when you posted your first comment?

  • @TobsiCred Just do this when you setup the menu.

    UIResRectangle MainMenuBanner = new UIResRectangle();
    MainMenuBanner.Color = Color.FromArgb(255, 50, 0, 30);

    Not sure on the font colour, I always just leave everything white but it might be possible.

  • @LeeC2202 @TobsiCred To set text color. Just like any other text use ~r~ to set to red. Other colors are.

    ~r~ = Red
    ~b~ = Blue
    ~g~ = Green
    ~y~ = Yellow
    ~p~ = Purple
    ~o~ = Orange
    ~c~ = Grey
    ~m~ = Darker Grey
    ~u~ = Black
    ~n~ = New Line
    ~s~ = Default White
    ~w~ = White
    ~h~ = Bold Text

  • @aimless Your answer does seem much easier than the way on the NativeUI wiki page, they mention a UIMenuColoredItem but I don't know exactly what that does... like most things NativeUI wise, documentation and examples are sparse to say the least.

    I never even thought of just using the colour codes on the text. :slight_smile:

  • @LeeC2202 Ok there is a way built in.
    mainMenu.Title.Color = Color.Red;
    The UIMenuColoredItem is (i think) is just a button that you can set colors for.

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