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[SCRIPT][COMPLETED] Self Destruction Mod 1.1

  • edited 2017-07-30

    with this simple script every vehicle gets a self destruction function
    if you press "B" a countdown starts from 10 to 0 and shows you very helpful messages :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
    then the vehicle explodes


    • automated ini generation
    • de- activate the whole script with a key combination
    • show notification de- activated, so you can see immediately if the script is on/off
    • change key and second button in ini
    • gamepad support
    • less code, changed interval - no performance/fps loss


    ready to release, you can win this script on my Hillclimb Challenge
    (dont worry about all those fps numbers, got a looooot of programs open in background and recorded with 2 progs in 2k ;))

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